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Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion

Open until May 4, 2024!

What do a parachute, odometer, water-powered mill, armored car, and the Mona Lisa have in common? All of these world-changing works were products of the mind of Leonardo da Vinci. Gateway Science Museum is proud to announce our newest exhibit featuring the inventions of da Vinci brought to life: Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion. Explore up close the objects and drawings that came before modern technology we use every day, including tools that maximize human capacity, use water to power the world, facilitate flight through the skies, and defended rulers in the Renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci was an architect, painter, sculptor, musician, and engineer. Like this Renaissance man, explorers and inventors of all ages and interests will learn from this fully interactive exhibit. Operate full-scale model constructions, study daVinci’s early plans and drawings, and investigate the universal concepts and reliance on nature that made way for inventions and discoveries that changed the world.

Leonardo Exhibit
Leonardo Exhibit

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Lifting Pillars $5,000+

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Parachutes $2,500+

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Gears $1000+

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Wings $500+


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Monroe & Carol Sprague

Floats $100+

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