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Garden Detectives

In search of something to do? Tired of being inside? Let's go outside into the garden!  Try our featured activity or choose a topic for a list of activities to get you ready to be a garden detective.

Pumpkin Decomposition Exploration (PDF)

For many folks, October is a time for carving pumpkins to set outside as festive decorations. But what happens when we leave these spooky squash out over time? Like other plant material, they will begin to decompose before your eyes. Explore this process over time by observing your pumpkins and experimenting with ripening hormones! 

Garden Activity Booklet (PDF)

Learn about the environment in your own backyard and local region with this collection of Garden Detectives activities! This comprehensive PDF booklet contains all the original activities we produced as part of Gateway From Home in 2020. For use at home or in the classroom, the collection of hands on, observational, and craft activities guides student scientists in exploring their local natural world, from soil science and ecology to meteorology and astronomy. 





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