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Fall 2022 MWOW

Museum Without Walls is back for Fall 2022!

Wednesdays in October - 7:30 p.m. at Gateway Science Museum

Take a look at the upcoming talks:

Cynthia Daley

Regenerative Agriculture as a Path toward Climate Mitigation

October 12 - Dr. Cynthia Daley, Rawlins Endowed Professor for Environmental Literacy, Director for the Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems, Chico State

Regenerative agriculture incorporates farming practices that seek to improve water use efficiency and enhance biodiversity by reducing the carbon footprint associated with food and fiber production. Data from the Center for Regenerative Agriculture will be shared as well as successful mentor farmer testimonials that support the social, environmental, and economic benefits of regeneration. 


Public Health Emergency and Response

October 19 - Dr. Andrew Miller, Director of Community Health, Enloe Medical Center, and Lecturer, Department of Public Health and Health Services Administration, Chico State 

Disasters are increasing in frequency. Local public health departments have a role in preparing for and responding to disasters. In this talk, Dr. Miller will look at the role of public health when disasters occur, using the Camp Fire as an example. Attendees will hear about the work of Butte County Public Health during the Camp Fire and will be introduced to the roles and limitations of disaster response.  Time permitting, real situations will be used todrive discussion.


Mapping the Impacts of Disasters and Disease

October 26 - Dr. Naomi Lazarus, Assistant Professor of Geography and Planning, Chico State

The presentation will highlight the use of maps in analyzing the environmental and social impacts of natural disasters and disease epidemics.  The discussion includes a brief introduction to the evolution of digital mapping and how maps are used to monitor and respond to wildfires and the coronavirus pandemic. 

MWOW Archive: Watch past lectures here.

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