Gateway Science Museum

Summer 2016


This is exhibit was locally sponsored by Bonnie L. Huntington, in honor of Charles "Buzz" Huntington.

TreeHouses exhibit posterThis exhibit was on display in the North Gallery from May 28 through September 4, 2016.

Spend some time hanging out in the trees in this new hands-on exhibit where you can step foot into an indoor tree house, and experiment with the technology that builds tree houses and conducts forest research high in the treetops.

  • Come explore tree houses from around the world — both real and imagined in stories — and design your own.
  • Harvest trees without harming wildlife in a computerized forest game and watch logs becoming lumber.
  • Peek into the hidden tree homes of animals. Bet you know someone who lives in a "tree house"! Find out who.

TreeHouses was produced by the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative (EcoTarium, Worcester, Massachusetts; ECHO at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont; and the Children’s Museum of Maine, Portland, Maine).

TreeHouses was produced with support from Jane’s Trust, the Cabot Family Charitable Trust and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

The EcoTarium is the lead institution for the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative (EEC!) governed by a memo of understanding between the member museums.

The exhibition is owned by the Worcester Natural History Society d.b.a The EcoTarium (Owning Institution) which has an arrangement with the Sciencenter to manage TreeHouses exhibition rentals.

College of Natural Sciences Research Posters

College of Natural Sciences Research Posters

This exhibit was on display in the James W. Cornyn Valley Gallery from May 28 through September 4, 2016.

This exhibition reflects a small but diverse sampling of student and faculty research projects from departments within the College of Natural Sciences at CSU, Chico. They stand as a testament to CSU, Chico’s commitment to undergraduate research. Gateway is honored to showcase undergraduate research and related faculty projects from the Spring 2016 semester. It is our hope that visitors will gain a deeper appreciation for the range of research being done at CSU, Chico and similar institutions nationwide, and that young minds will be inspired.