Gateway Science Museum

Spring 2017

Design Zone

Spring 2017 Design Zone What does it take to create a videogame, line up rhythms like the best DJs, or design a roller coaster that produces the biggest thrills? In Design Zone, visitors can go behinds the scenes and see how video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers, and other creative problem solvers use math to do the amazing things they do. Design Zone explores mathematical concepts like patterns, variables, scal, slope, and ratios used by artists, architects, engineers, musicians, and other innovators.

Design Zone, on display in the North Gallery, is organized into three thematic areas, highlighting the relationship between mathematical thinking and the creative process in: art, music, and engineering. Visitors can design their own experiences and solve real-world challenges while discovering math is a fundamental, creative tool used to design and invent.

Design Zone was produced and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This exhibit was made possible by a National Science Foundation grant.

This exhibit is locally sponsored by:

Diane Anderson
Leo and Terry Battle
Marcel and Mary Daguerre
Ken and Liz Fleming
Friend of the Museum
John and Renée McAmis
Marcia Moore, M.D.
Jennifer and Kevin Parrish
Judy Sitton
Joan Stewart-Thorpe
Garey and Barbara Weibel

Delta Grandeur

The great California Delta, as photographed by Rich Turner This exhibit will be on display in the Newberry Gallery from January 28, 2017 through Spring 2018.

Delta Grandeur celebrates and shares the extraordinary grandeur and diversity of California's Delta, an endangered ecosystem. Produced through the eye and vision of photographer Rich Turner, the Delta is vast in its agricultural bounties and is vital in supplying one of our most necessary natural resources: fresh water.

The Delta is an expansive inland river system and the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americas. Through vibrant imagery, this exhibition explores the complex relationship that humans and wildlife have forged with the Delta. The future of the Delta's water is currently being debated and the outcome will impact all Californians.

This exhibit is locally sponsored by Gwen Quail.

Our Ocean's Edge

A collage of some of the photography shown at the Our Ocean's Edge exhibit This exhibit was on display in the Cornyn Valley Gallery from January 28 through May 7, 2017.

California made history with the creation of the nation’s first statewide system of ocean parks − a network of 124 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) stretching from Oregon to the Mexico border. Like national parks on land, MPAs are magnificent in beauty and wildness while providing protection for wildlife, solutions to climate change, and recreational resources for all.

Soon after the system was established, LA-based photographer Jasmine Swope set out to capture the essence of the marine parks. Her quest took her up and down California’s 1,100 mile long coastline. The result is “Our Ocean’s Edge,” a photographic documentary project that celebrates these fragile seascapes, from Southern to Northern California, while increasing awareness about their natural benefits and promoting ecological conservation.