Political Science and Criminal Justice

Steps to Securing an Internship and Course Credit

In order to secure an internship for POLS course credit, please:
  1. Research: To see a full list and description of potential internship sites, please look at the list of Internship and Practicum opportunities (Google Sheet). Make sure the internship requirements fit with your anticipated semester schedule.
  2. Reach Out: Personally contact the organization with which you would like to volunteer and set-up a meeting to learn about the organization, internship responsibilities, and scheduling demands. Make sure the tasks, hours, and requirements are feasible.
  3. Contract: Fill out with your site supervisor.

Children & Vulnerable Populations: If, as an intern, you will be offering direct services to “vulnerable populations” (i.e. children under 18, senior citizens over 65, persons with comprised immune systems, etc.), you will be required to turn in additional documents. You are responsible for acquiring these documents. Your agency will inform you if the following documents are required:

Certification of Negative TB Test Result (Available at the Student Health Center). 

Arrest & Conviction History form (Live Scan Finger Printing, University Police).

Submitting the Contract: To complete the process, carefully follow these steps:

  1. Work with the site supervisor to fill in all information requested on the contract.
  2. Once you and the site supervisor agree about the contract, ask your supervisor to send you an email stating that they approve of the contract. Below is a template you can provide to the site supervisor for this.
  3. Send an email to the internship coordinator for your program. Please see the list of internship coordinator above. Make sure to attach both the complete contract and the forwarded approval email from the site supervisor. Do not send the contract and approval email separately. Please wait to have both completed and send them together in a single email.