Academic Senate

Outstanding Faculty Awards

Outstanding Faculty Service: Chiara Ferrari
Chiara Ferrari

Dr. Chiara Ferrari is an Associate Professor in the Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department at California State University, Chico, where she supervises the option in Mass Communication Design and teaches courses in Media Criticism, Film and Television History, and Global Media Studies. She is currently the coordinator for Chico State’s “Quality for Learning and Teaching” (QOLT) program. At Chico State she also coordinates the General Education Pathway in Ethics, Justice and Policy. With Michela Ardizzoni, she is the co-editor of the anthology Beyond Monopoly. Globalization and Contemporary Italian Media published in 2010. Her monograph Since When is Fran Drescher Jewish? was published in 2011 by the University of Texas Press. Her work has also been published in the Journal of Film and Video, Global Media Journal, Prosopopeya, Journal for Italian Cinema and Media Studies, and in the anthology Global Television Formats (edited by Tasha Oren and Sharon Shahaf). In addition to focusing on international television, global formats, and critical media theory in her research, Chiara Ferrari is passionate about instructional design, cognitive mapping, graphic visualization, and more generally about the use of technology to improve pedagogy and student learning.

Chiara's contributions far exceed the university’s expectations for faculty service, and provide a reminder of how one faculty member can deeply impact the university community.

Outstanding Professor: Steffen Mehl
Steffen Mehl

Dr. Steffen Mehl is a professor and the Department Chair of Civil Engineering. Dr. Mehl has excelled in research and scholarly activity, distinguished himself as an outstanding teacher and dedicated mentor, and has numerous significant service contributions at the local and national levels.

Dr. Mehl’s area of expertise is in flow and transport modeling in hydrologic systems and routinely teaches courses in fluid mechanics and hydraulics at CSUC.  He has published 8 peer reviewed journal articles and had 17 professional presentations since 2015. Dr. Mehl received the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Sacramento Section Faculty Advisory of the Year Award in 2014 and 2016, and he was also awarded the ASCE Region 9 Faculty Advisory of the Year Award in 2016, which covers the entire state.  During the early days and weeks of the Oroville Dam spillway incident last February and March, Dr. Mehl served as a subject matter expert for local, regional, national and international media.  His effort fielding these interviews helps raise the profile of the University.  Dr. Mehl is a great example of the teacher-scholar model we envision for the college and the university.

Outstanding Research Mentor: Kasey DeAtley

Kasey DeAtley

Dr. Kasey DeAtley joined College of Agriculture as Assistant Professor in January 2014, nine years after graduating from CSU Chico with her bachelor’s degree. Dr. DeAtley has extensively interacted with the students in laboratory and applied research settings. In just the past few years, Dr. DeAtley mentored more than a dozen students, producing 16 peer reviewed abstracts and presentations for various professional conferences. The students supervised by Dr. DeAtley seem to perform phenomenally well in national conference competitions, frequently earning top rankings. As quoted from Dr. S. Patrick Doyle, the nominator, “Dr. Kasey DeAtley is changing lives one student at a time through her research mentorship.”

Outstanding Teacher: Jason Nice

Jason Nice

Dr. Jason Nice is an associate professor in the Department of History.  He teaches World History Since 1400 (History 102), Historical Methods and Methodology (History 290), and upper-division courses in Early Modern European History (History 313, 411, 412 and 423).

In addition to covering required content, Dr. Nice teaches his students critical thinking, reading, writing, and research skills.  He teaches students how to find and evaluate information in traditional (print), and in less traditional (online) sources.  He believes that finding and communicating information in an age of mass misinformation are essential transferable skills in the twenty-first century.  Dr. Nice, himself a first-generation college student, helps students translate these skills into their own classrooms (as future teachers), and teaches students how to communicate these skills to prospective employers by having students prepare a resume and visit the Career Fair.  

Dr. Stephen Lewis, the chair of the History department, writes that Dr. Nice “teaches students how to think, read, and write like historians by engaging in active learning without sacrificing historical content.” Dr. Nice has experimented with a number of different approaches in online, hybrid, and traditional modes of instruction, and has generated comparative data in search of the best possible learning experience for Chico State students.

Outstanding Lecturer: Alan Bond

Alan Bond

Mr. Alan Bond has taught in the Department of Construction Management since 2011. His educational background includes a B.S. in Construction Management (1987) and a MBA (2013) both from CSUC. Mr. Bond brings to the classroom more than 25 years of construction management industrial experience. He excels in the classroom arena and in the area of service to the Construction Management area. Classroom visitations by the OLA sub-committee members observed a gifted instructor.

Mr. Bond excels in service contributions to his teaching area. He serves as the faculty advisor to (1) Associated General Contractors Student Chapter, (2) Commercial Team – Associated Schools of Construction, and (3) Construction Management Community Service Projects. He has numerous committee assignments including University Campus Transportation Committee, Department Scholarship Committee, Department Curriculum Committee, and Department Accreditation Committee. Alan Bond is a driving force behind the Construction Management’s American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) Accreditation.

Outstanding Academic Advisor: Najm Yousefi

Najm Yousefi

Dr. Najm al-Din Yousefi is Assistant Professor of History at California State University, Chico, where he has taught since Fall 2012. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Shahid Beheshti University (formerly National University of Iran) in Tehran, Iran, in 1991. He completed an M.S. in Economic Policy Management at Columbia University in 1996 and a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies with a concentration in the History of Science at Virginia Tech in 2010. Dr. Yousefi’s research focuses on socioeconomic history of early Islam, especially the Islamic Empire’s tax policies in the Fertile Crescent and the formation of the Islamic law of land tax during the eighth and ninth centuries. He also studies the state-clergy relations in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century Iran. Dr. Yousefi teaches an array of history and religion classes at Chico State. He is also affiliated with the Chico State Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities and the Department of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. In addition, Dr. Yousefi is adviser and coordinator of the Middle Eastern Studies Minor at Chico State. He is also faculty advisor to two student organizations, CALMENA (Creativity and Adaptive Leadership in the Middle East and North Africa) and the Chico State chapter of UNICEF.

Faculty Recognition and Support Committee (FRAS)

EM 14-011 establishes the Faculty Recognition and Support Committee (FRAS) for the purpose of honoring and supporting the faculty of California State University, Chico for their excellence and achievements in teaching, scholarly, creative, and research activities and in their contributions to the university community.

FRAS will review, formulate and recommend policy which will maintain, enhance and recognize the professional achievements, teaching excellence and service contributions of the CSU, Chico faculty.

FRAS selects the Outstanding Professor, Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Faculty Service, Outstanding Academic Advisor, Outstanding Lecturer and Outstanding Research Mentor. In addition they will recommend to the Graduate School nominees for Professional Achievement Awards, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend Program, Studies in Teaching and Learning, Affirmative Action Grants, and Faculty Professional Development Grants for Assistant and Associate Professors.

FRAS is composed of sixteen faculty - two from each of the six larger colleges and one from the two smaller units plus two past award winners representing a diversity of academic fields and achievements in teaching, research, scholarly, and creative activities and in service. Faculty are appointed by the Academic Senate Executive Committee, in consultation with the Provost. In addition, there is one emeritus faculty member, one student, and one non-voting administrative representative.