Academic Senate

Exceptional Service Assigned Time Committee

Committee Members 2022-2023
Ghadir IshqaidefCOB(23)
Josie BlagraveCME(23)
Paul YoungHFA(23)
Lisa KendhammerNSC(23)
Darin HaerleBSS(23)
Scott McCutcheonECC(23)
George ThompsonLIB(23)
Counseling Center(23)
Elaina McReynoldsRegional and Continuing Education(21)
Arely SaldanaGraduate Student Council(23)
TBDAssc. Students (Undergraduate Student)(23)

Dean Appointments: One faculty per college

Term: 1 year

Duties: To evaluate faculty applications for assigned time for exceptional levels of service to students. Then make recommendations based on those evaluations to the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Periodically review and, if needed, make recommendations for changes in this policy to the Faculty and Student Policy Committee (FASP).

EM: 15-001