Student Life and Leadership

Start a Student Organization

New student organizations, student organizations whose recognition has lapsed, or groups not listed on the Recognized Student Organization List need to complete the formal university recognition process.

If you are interested in starting a student organization or restarting a previously lapsed student organization, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the current student organizations in CatsConnect to see if there's already an organization with the same mission/purpose as the new one. (If there is we will not recognize the new one.)
  2. Ensure that you have a president, treasurer and Advisor to complete your organization.
  3. Identify a faculty or staff member who is willing to serve as your official organization advisor and have their phone, email address and title.
  4. Develop a student organization constitution using the Model Constitution.
  5. Work with our Administrative Paraprofessional to become a recognized student organization.
Once your student organization meets these minimum requirements, you will be granted recognition for the semester. Recognition must be renewed each semester in order for your student organization to stay active.
Interested in starting a sport club (movement based, performing, competing, traveling, etc.)?
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