TRIO Student Support Services

Peer Coaching

Individual peer coaching is provided to all participants.

The competent and compassionate TRIO SSS Leadership Team will coach you to the finish line and beyond. Our goal is to help busy scholars select high impact activities that will increase their employability and/or eligibility for graduate and professional schools. The number of meetings required depends upon class standing and individual needs.

Common topics of discussion during coaching sessions include:

  • Course selection
  • Budgeting
  • Financial aid
  • Graduate school exploration, preparation, and application
  • Self-care and overall wellness
  • Career preparation and exploration
  • Goal setting and personal motivation
  • Time management
  • Finding the right major
  • Connection with campus and community resources
  • Housing options
  • Student life issues
  • Preparing for life after college
Person sits in a chair and listens to anther talk.