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Student Awards for Research & Creativity (SARC)

Student Awards For Research And Creativity - SARC

Fall 2024:  No Application Cycle.  Check back for updates regarding the Spring 2025 Application Cycle.

The Award

The Provost's Student Awards for Research and Creativity are grants available to students at CSU, Chico to complete original projects under the guidance of faculty or staff advisors. The current award cycle is summer 2024. The Summer awards may be up to $2,500 for undergrads and up to $5,000 for graduate students, for conference or research travel or materials and supplies as approved.

SARC Q&A's - Email Us Your Questions!  sarc@csuchico.edu

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must propose an original project, including an explanation of how the project requires funding. Projects can be considered original if they are a replication of previous studies or works that include changes that might expand the research or creative project.
  • Applicants must have a faculty or staff mentor.
  • Applicants must not have received a SARC award before, unless the faculty or staff mentor first seeks special permission from the SARC Review Committee. It is acceptable to re-apply for a SARC award as a graduate student if the applicant received a SARC award as an undergraduate.
  • Joint proposals are allowable, but if two sets of funds are being requested, then two unique (separate) proposals (one by each student) should be submitted.

Please note NEW CHANGES to allowable expense requests:

Funds can only be used for specific materials/supplies for project work, for research dissemination conference or research travel – any other expenses may be approved upon request and review. There will NO LONGER be an option for direct payments to students.

Specific details about the application process can be found below or by contacting sarc@csuchico.edu

Required Materials:

  • Faculty Mentor Letter - one page

Application Information: 

The entire narrative description should be a minimum of 750 words and no more than 1000 words. All application sections should be written by the you (the student) from your perspective of the project, and it is perfectly appropriate to use "I" statements.

Applicants shall include the following sections in their narrative.

  1. Explanation of the work
  2. Your (the student's) contribution to project design and execution
  3. Broader impact of the work
  4. Expected benefits of the award to you (the student)
  5. Itemized and detailed budget. No direct Student Awards allowed. See Tips page for additional budget detail.

Scoring and Tips:

Applications will be evaluated using a rubric. (PDF) To receive the highest score in each area, it is suggested that students review our tips for an excellent proposal(opens in new window). Important budget request information should be reviewed from the tips page. Proposals must be clear and written for a general audience.  Applicants may request their rubric scores at the completion of the application review process.  

Faculty Mentor Letter Information:

Faculty mentors should focus on the importance of the project and its impact on the student. The statement of endorsement should also indicate the role to be played by the mentor, the prospect for a professional presentation of the project results, and how or why the student is qualified to complete the work with specific examples to support the glowing comments. Endorsement should be as informative as possible within the scope of a single typed page on department letterhead. This letter serves as the only faculty-written portion of the application submission.

Cycle Deadlines:

  • Summer Award: Application deadline at the end of the sixth week of instruction in the Spring Semester. Summer Awards are for up to $2500 for undergraduates and $5000 for graduates.

It is the applicant's responsibility to remain in contact with their faculty mentor and to ensure an on-time submission of the faculty mentor letter. 

Outcomes Report:

Faculty sponsors are requested to follow up with an outcomes report (PDF) after the student research has been completed. 

Successful Proposals
Application Cycles

Spring 2025

Check back for updates regarding the Application Cycle.

SARC Recipients
A list of student projects funded by SARC awards.