Language Matters

to promote a culture of dignity for all by addressing how language and bias negatively and positively affect others.

Oftentimes, we speak without thinking. Our brain turns on autopilot and we don't care how others feel, we just want to be heard. However, others do hear us and there are repercussions for the things we say.

Take control of how you make others feel by following these five steps to ensure your language positively affects others:

  1. Observe yourself
  2. Recognize the situation
  3. Observe the people and the conversation
  4. Gauge the reaction
  5. Communicate
  6. Repeat

Is what you want to say ENATA?*

  • Effective
  • Necessary
  • Accurate
  • Timely
  • Appropriate

If you are just responding because other people are talking, then it's possible your communication doesn't fit the ENATA model. If not, then sit back and continue to listen. You want what you say to have impact, not just make noise.

*From "How to Think Before Speaking," wikiHow.