How To Apply

The University Housing Application for the 2018–2019 academic year opens at 10:00 a.m. on December 4, 2017. There are three stages to the process from application to move-in day on Thursday, August 23, 2018. Please be sure you provide all information requested to have the best chance of receiving a preferred room assignment. Although University Housing does not guarantee your preferences are available at the time of room assignments, we will work with you to make your on-campus living experience successful and memorable.

Housing Application – Stage 1:

  • Be admitted to CSU, Chico and receive your admission packet from University Admissions.
  • Activate your student portal account following the instructions in the admissions packet.
  • Preview the living-learning communities offered, room types, residence hall options, and meal plans.
  • Start your housing application, go to the Resident Center found at Apply Now and log in.
  • Click on the student application to begin your housing application
  • Confirm the information we have for you is accurate.
  • Review and agree to the University Housing 2018-2019 License Agreement and housing rates.
  • Complete the campus housing application. You need to tell us the following:
    • Your interest in a living-learning community.
    • The room type you prefer (double, triple, quad, single, suite, open during breaks).
    • Some information to help with the roommate matching process
    • Where you prefer to live (North Campus, University Village, Sutter, Whitney, Shasta or Lassen Halls).
    • Consider what is most important to you with the questions below:
      • Is it more important to be in a traditional hall or have the roommate you prefer?
      • Is it more important to stay on campus during breaks when campus housing is closed, if so, select University Village or Konkow.
    • If you are under age 18, a parent/guardian email address is required so that University Housing can acquire a co-signer to the License Agreement.
    • Who we should contact if you have an emergency (Name, Address, Phone/Cell number).
    • Who we should contact in the event you cannot be located (Name, Address, Phone/Cell number).
  • After you have answered the questions on the application, click the "submit" button and make the $300 License Charge payment.
    • Look for a confirmation in your Wildcat email box.
    • Submit your "Intent to Enroll" to the university no later than May 1.

Current Students Applying to Return in Fall 2018

There are a limited number of spaces available for students wishing to return to on-campus housing. To re-apply for fall 2018, go to Apply Now. Students who have a completed application for fall 2018 will receive further instructions on how to be assigned to a space. Instructions will be sent to your Wildcat email after January 31, 2018. Be sure to check your email for these instructions.

Steps to Enter the Roommate Matching Process – Stage 2

  • Log back into the application between March 1 and May 31.
  • Finalize any part of the application that is incomplete (i.e. paid/cleared license charge, parent proxy, Roommate Matching Profile information).
  • Review the pages you already filled out/completed for accuracy.
    • You can update any preferences at this point.
    • You can also skip to the next page if no changes are necessary.
    • If you later find a change, you should return by simply clicking on the page button at the top. Using the "back" function will return to the beginning of the application.
  • Optional: enter a short description about yourself at the bottom of the "Roommate Process Introduction" page. Click to continue.
  • Important Note: Only students who have a completed housing application (completed the information requested, submitted preferences, and paid/cleared license charge) are eligible for the roommate matching process.

To create a group

  • If you want to Join a group, click Join Group
    • Enter the group name and password given to you by the group leader. Click Join Group.
  • If you want to search for a group click Search for Roommate Group.
    • Enter a Group Name or a Member Screen Name (someone who is already a member of a group). You cannot search for another group member using his/her actual name. This is especially important to note if you already know who you want as your roommate.
  • If you want to find a roommate by details, click Search for Roommate by Details.
    • Enter in the screen name, gender, age, or a key word of a description to find roommates who match those descriptions.
  • If you want to find someone by their profile, click Search for Roommates by Profiles.
    • Select some preferences that are important to you and click Search.
  • To find people who have a high percentage match with you click Suggest Roommates.
    • Here you can find people who have a lot in common with you and view their profile details, send them a message or create a group with them.

  • Important Note: Be sure to click Safe & Continue at the bottom of the Roommate Groups page when you are done.
  • Revisit your application if you want to change things or to view your messages and groups from other people! You can view your message when clicking on the three bars in the left hand corner next to Student Application 2018-2019. The option to update your information and preferences will be available until a room assignment is made.
  • University Housing provides more than 2,100 spaces for students to live in 6 residential areas (North Campus, University Village, Lassen, Shasta, Sutter, and Whitney Halls). Unfortunately, there is not ample space to immediately give an assignment to all students who have completed an application. This is a usual situation and, in fact, happens every year on many campuses. Throughout the summer, University Housing staff will work through the list of students who are waiting on an assignment as spaces become available. Please be watching your Wildcat email for updates.
  • Again, space is varied across campus so not all first preferences will be met. If after you receive your room assignment you want to submit an Assignment Update Request, you can do so between June 15-July 15 for the following reasons:
    • Different Community (e.g., "If a space becomes available in ____Hall, I would like to live there.")
    • Accommodation (e.g., "I want to be on a lower floor.")
    • Room Type (e.g., "I'm in a triple, but if available would like to have a single.")
    • Living-Learning Community interest (e.g., "I want to live in a living-learning community.")
    • University Village mini-meal plan availability (e.g., "I would like to move to UV so I have a greater chance at finding a parking space for my care.")
  • If you enter a request and we can accommodate, you will automatically be reassigned, with the new space becoming your permanent assignment. Students who enter a request cannot make a second request so please be certain.

More information about the Assignment Update Request process will be available closer to June 15.

Room Assignments – Stage 3


  • If you are a new to CSU, Chico (1st-year or transfer student), submit an Intent to Enroll form to Admissions with the $200 fee.
  • On March 1st (or later), return to the Resident Center to invite other students to be your roommate based on the "roommate matching" indicator. NOTE: If you already know who you want to be your roommate, both students must "accept" each other as roommates.
  • Students who expressed interest in an LLC as part of their application, including answering the supplemental questions, can expect to hear from their community coordinator throughout the spring and summer. If you are selected to be a member, your room assignment could be made as early as late March.
  • Room assignments for students who are not part of an LLC will begin in April and continue throughout the summer.



Room Assignments – Stage 4

  • Which meal plan you prefer. (Only students assigned to University Village can have the "mini" plan).
  • Who we should contact if you have an emergency (Name, Address, Phone/Cell number).
  • Who we should contact in the event you cannot be located (Name, Address, Phone/Cell number).
  • "The email I received said that I am on 'the standby list'. What does that mean?" If you received this message, at least one of the following is happening: our demand for space is greater than the availability of space at the time of room assignments or you have a specific circumstance that might take us a bit more time to accommodate. This is not an uncommon situation for University Housing. Each year we have a list of students who are waiting for an assignment as spaces open up due to changes in other students plans, rebalancing the breakdown of who lives where, etc. We know this might cause some additional stress, but don t panic! You might not get exactly the space you wanted, but only in rare cases are we unable to house everyone who has applied for a space on campus. And, you might not know until late in the summer – even immediately before opening day – where you are assigned. Unless we anticipate not having space, sit tight until you hear from us and we will do all we can to keep you updated.
  • If you can't wait, there is a process and fee schedule for cancelling your housing application. Please refer to URL for more information.
  • Move in! Thursday, August 23, 2018 is the big day when the campus returns to full swing. Information will be sent out in late July about the move in process, including where to unload, how the unloading traffic flow works, when you can arrive, where to pick your room key, and even what events are planned for the first few days before classes begin.

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