University Housing

Application FAQ's & Timeline

Fall 2023 housing application timeline. All information can also be found in PDF version found on this page.


  • What's new RE: COVID-19 Vaccinations, testing, isolation, policies and guests?

    For more information on our mask policy and the Covid-19 vaccination policy, please visit Chico State's Covid-19 Information page.

  • What is the process if I need an accommodation?

    If you anticipate requiring a reasonable accommodation due to a disability, health condition, or have an Emotional Support Animal you wish to bring to Chico, you must contact the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) upon completing your application. Visit their website to begin the accommodation request process or call at 530-898-5959 if you have any questions. ARC will work with us to provide approval for all reasonable accommodations. 

  • Do you have virtual tours and community photos?

    Take a look at our Explore Locations Page and check out our  Residence Hall Photo Tours. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and catch out highlights and community spotlights!

  • How do I contact University Housing?

    Email, call 530-898-6325, or visit us on campus 401 Legion Ave. During the academic year we are open Monday–Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and during the summer Monday–Thursday 7:00am to 5:30pm and CLOSED on Fridays. 

  • Why can't I access the housing application?

    Prior to starting your housing application you must first be admitted to CSU, Chico. After being admitted to CSU, Chico  activate your CSU, Chico Account. You can activate your portal account by going to the CSU Chico home page, click PORTAL near the top of the page and follow the New Student Account link.

  • When is move-in?

    Fall Move-In takes place middle end of August and Spring in the Middle-End of January.  Actual move in ates will be posted and communicated directly to you in our move-in email communications once you have applied and signed your license agreement. 

  • What kind of policies and regulations will I need to follow while living with University Housing?

    Please take a moment to fully read our  University Housing License Agreement and  Policy Guide. We have standard illegal substance & activity,  prohibited smoking & drinking policies as well as cleanliness, noise and mutual respect guidelines allowing everyone equal enjoyment of assigned and our common spaces.

  • Is University Housing only for first time freshman?

    No, we welcome all students to apply to live with University Housing. Our second year and above students live at University Village our apartment style living community, as well as first time freshman.

  • How do I buy parking permits?

    The Parking Lottery is the only opportunity to purchase a permit. Residents are entered into the Parking Lottery after University Housing has confirmed that they will have a bed space. Instructions will be sent to students via their Wildcat email on how to sign up. Permits need to be re-purchased for spring, and all lottery winner will be invited to a second priority purchase period in January to buy their spring permits.

    IMPORTANT: Parking is  extremely limited in our B and UV lots. Our residence halls (Esken, Mechoopda, Konkow, Estom Jamani, Lassen and Shasta) host 1,000 residents with 260 spaces available, and University Village hosts 700 residents with 300 spaces. If you are not able to purchase a permit   it is strongly advised that you leave your car at home. 

    Chico is an extremely bike friendly campus you can get to everything you need within minutes. For other transportation or parking options (G Parking Permits) be sure to visit the Parking Services website.

    What is DUO and why am I being asked to complete it?

    DUO is a Muti-Factor Authentication Service Application adding a second layer of security on top of passwords which can be easily compromised. 

    Once enrolled, users will receive a push authentication request through the Duo Mobile App on their phone, a phone call, or choose to enter a One-Time Passcode (OTP) generated code sent to their device or email account. You can find out more about DUO and how to set it up  here.


  • How do I cancel? Canceling Housing application or choosing to not attend Chico State BEFORE the cancellation deadline.

    You may cancel for any reason prior to the cancellation deadline as designated int the License Agreement. You will receive a full refund of fees paid in advance less the initial housing payment. The initial housing payment is non-refundable.

    You must submit a Cancellation Request via the University Housing Resident Center. Notifying us by any other means OR any other university office does not satisfy your obligation to submit a Cancellation Request through the Resident Center.

  • How do I cancel? Canceling Housing application or choosing to not attend Chico State AFTER the cancellation deadline.

    The Cancellation Request must be submitted via the University Housing Resident Center at least thirty (30) days in advance of the intended termination date and may be subject to notice fees. To be approved, cancellation reasons are limited to the cancellation standards noted in the License Agreement. Cancellation requests must include appropriate explanation and attached supporting documentation or they will be denied and you will remain responsible.

    You must submit a Cancellation Request via the University Housing Resident Center. Notifying us by any other means OR any other university office does not satisfy your obligation to submit a Cancellation Request throught he Resident Center. 

  • What is the process to cancel my Housing Application in the Resident Center?
    • Navigate to the University Housing Resident Center
    • Log in with your campus credentials
    • Select "Requests" from the top menu bar
    • Select "Cancellation Request" from the list of options.
    • Click Save & Continue
    • Select the Academic Year Term you are requesting cancellation for, click continue
    • Select your cancellation reason from the drop-down menu and enter any comments that you would like to be considered.
    • Be sure your cancellation reason is based off of the approved cancellation reasons in the License agreement.
    • Be sure to upload proof or supporting documentation to backup your reason or a denial will result.
    • Don't forget to select Save & Continue
    • You will receive an automated email letting you know we have successfully received your cancellation.

    The University may grant or deny the submitted request at its sole discretion.

Room Assignment and Roommates

  • When will I find out if I won the Priority Lottery?

    The initial release of priority lottery results will be begin mid to late April. You will be notified at this time if you have a confirmed space with University Housing.  In the event you did not win the Priority Lottery you will be notified that you have been placed on the waitlist. Oftentimes, students on the waitlist end up getting a bed space with University Housing.

  • When will I find out where I’m living?

    Our first wave of assignment notifications will begin around mid-June. These will continue approximately every two weeks in order of placements until complete. You will only find out your community and room type when your group is processed.

  • What if I wanted to live in a different community than I am assigned to?

    Our first wave of assignment notifications will begin around mid-June. These will continue approximately every two weeks in order of placements until complete. You will only find out your community and room type when your group is processed.

  • How many students will be in each room?

    University Housing primarily provides double rooms (two students per room) followed by triple rooms (three students per room) and quad rooms (four students per room).  There is a limited number of single rooms (one student per room).   

  • How can I pick my roommate?

    All students with confirmed bed spaces for Fall will be invited to our roommate matching in May. Students will have the opportunity to message other students and request a roommate. Roommate requests are fulfilled based on matching room/building requests and are not guaranteed. Please be sure to check out our Roommate Matching FAQ (PDF)

  • How do I request a specific room type (single, double, triple or quad)?

    When you fill out the University Housing application you will be asked for your room preference. University Housing will try to accommodate room preferences but cannot guarantee placement. Please note that there are limited numbers of single rooms, and they are more expensive. Please review our Cost Overview page for room rates.


Fees & Charges to Student Account

Amenities & Furnishings

  • What's included in a room?

    Each student will have an extra-long twin bed (36" x 80"), desk with chair, trash can, storage drawers, and closet space. University Village and Konkow have a table and chairs in the dining area as well as a refrigerator, stove, and microwave in the kitchen. At University Village and Konkow, students will need to bring their own cooking pots and pans and utensils.

  • Are there kitchens that residents can use in each hall?

    Shasta, Lassen and Mechoopda Halls have a community kitchens Estom Jamani and Esken do not. University Village is our apartment-style community and has full-sized kitchens as does Konkow.

  • Do all the bathrooms have lockers?

    No. The only halls with bathroom lockers are Shasta, Lassen, Esken and Mechoopda.

  • Can I bring a fridge or minifridge?

    Not needed, however you cannot bring your own mini-fridge or microwave. University Housing will be providing a Micro-Chill (fridge/microwave combo) in every room with the exception of University Village and Konkow who have full kithcens and full-sized fridges. The Micro-Chill is provided at no additional cost.

  • How high do the beds go? Can you put a couch under the bed?

    Please make sure to read through your license agreement as no stuffed furniture, such as couches, are allowed in the hall. This is a safety issue as well as an issue with the possible introduction of bed bugs or other pests. The beds do not loft or bunk (unless you are in a room that was already lofted/bunked), but they can adjust within about a 2 ft capacity. Residents are also allowed to use risers they have purchased.

  • Is wired Internet available inside rooms?

    Our halls have high speed wireless Internet only. All students will need to prepare their computer to attach to the campus network called Eduroam. Chromebook computers cannot access into EduRoam. If you plan to bring a Chromebook you may need additional support from campus.

  • Are there laundry facilities in University Housing?

    All of our communities are equipped with accessible laundry facilities. The washers and dryers are run by each student's personal laundry card. These laundry cards will be provided to students. You will be able to load funds onto the laundry card with either cash or debit/credit card from the add/value stations within each community. The current cost is $1.00 to wash and $1.00 to dry (costs are subject to change).

  • Are there computer labs in the communities?

    Along with a variety of computing services on campus, there is a computer lab in each community. All of the computers in the labs have a connection to the campus network. Lab computers have direct access to free black and white printing.

  • What transportation services are available?

    With your Wildcat ID Card, all Chico State students, staff and faculty can ride the B-Line Transit system for free! This service is subsidized both by the Associated Students and the University through an agreement with the City of Chico. Check out more alternative transportation services provided by Chico State here.