University Housing

How to Apply

Getting Started on Your Housing Application

All students are eligible for on-campus housing. The housing application will ask you questions about yourself and your living preferences to help determine your best fit for on-campus housing.

1. Get Admitted to California State University, Chico

Submit Your Application

Complete and submit your application for admission to Chico State.

For students returning to live with University Housing a second year:
You must apply during the Returning Resident Priority Period March 1-15, 2019 in order to be entered in the returning resident lottery.  150 returning residents will be randomly selected to live with University Housing for the 19/20 Academic year in Double rooms at University Village.  Returning residents will be notified by March 22, 2019 if they have won the lottery.

For students entering Fall 2019:
New student application will be available on March 27, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Activate Your Student Portal Account

Once you have been admitted you will be able to activate your student portal account.  This serves as your university e-mail address and as a log-in credential for university services.

New and transfer students will be asked for their Chico State ID and date of birth to claim their account(opens in new window) (note: this link must be accessed from a computer, not a mobile device). Your Chico State ID can be found in your acceptance packet from the Admissions Office, as well as in other correspondence from Financial Aid and/or the Student Records & Registration Office.

Learn About Living On Campus

2. Research Your Options

Living on Campus

Do you want to live in a Theme Community? Does your major require or strongly encourage you to select a certain community?

Which halls fit your budget?

Take a look at our payment plans 2019-2020 Room and Board Rates

What are your living and dining preferences?

What room types or bathroom styles are you looking for? Explore Your Options. (Be aware that some options, such as single rooms, have very limited availability).

Which meal plan suits your needs?

3. Apply For Housing

Your application is also your License Agreement (PDF); make sure you understand your housing application and license agreement before you complete it.

Apply Through the University Housing Online Application

The earlier you complete your application, the better your chances are of receiving your top choices. Select your top choices for community and dining plan.

You will need to submit your initial housing payment of $300 to complete your application. The $300 initial housing payment will be forfeited upon cancellation. If you are under 18 at the time of submitting your application, be aware that you will need your parent/guardians name and email address to have them sign the license agreement.

Students who complete the application by May 1, 2019 are eligible to participate in roommate selection.

apply for housing iconApply for Housing

4. Submit Your Intent to Enroll

Get Ready for START

Before you can receive a room assignment, you must register and submit your intent to enroll in the university by May 1, 2019.

5. Find a Roommate

Fill Out the Roommate Questionnaire

Students who have completed their application and paid the initial housing payment by May 1, 2019, will receive an email with instructions on our roommate matching process that we use to help you find potential roommates. Participating roommate matching groups will help you find someone if you want to choose your own roommate.

If you complete the housing application after May 31, 2019, our staff will match you with a roommate.

Return to your housing application during our roommate selection period, May 1-31, 2019, to connect with potential roommates. Make sure they are interested in the same communities you are. If you wish to live in a triple or quad room, you can select more than one roommate. (Be aware, we cannot guarantee you will be placed with your selected roommate, we will do the best we can).

If you have a friend you already know you would like to live with, you both must fill out the roommate matching questionnaire and then enter each other.

If you wish to select your own roommate, you must confirm your roommate matches through the roommate matching system by May 31, 2019. If you do not confirm a roommate, our staff will match you with a roommate.

6. Room Assignment

All Done?

Students must complete all items in Steps 1-4 before they can receive a room assignment.

Room Assignments Begin

Room assignments will begin in June 2019 for students who completed their application by May 31, 2019.

The first batch of room assignment notifications will be sent at 2 p.m. on June 19, 2019, and will continue in additional batches approximately every two weeks throughout the summer.

You will receive a room assignment based on how early you completed your application. Students who did not complete the application by May 31, 2019, will receive room assignments later in the summer.