University Housing

Move-In Day


Directions to Campus

400 W 1st, Chico CA 95929

If you are moving into Sutter, Whitney, Shasta or Lassen (Central Campus Communities) or into Mechoopda, Esken or Konkow (North Campus Communities you will want to follow these directions:

Make your way to Warner Street, this is a two-lane street that runs through the west side of campus. At, or around the intersection of Warner and Legion you will be directed by University Police Department personnel onto College Avenue. This is a small road, adjacent to our Health Center parking lot. From there you will be directed into a parking lot queue for your drop off location. Once in the queue you will be given specific directions for your community’s check in and drop off process.

Central Campus buildings range in height from 3-9 stories, do not all have elevators and are not adjacent to any parking. The driver must stay with the car at all times, while passengers and volunteers unload the car. Once the car is unloaded drivers will be directed to one of the campus parking lots or city parking spaces.

North Campus buildings are two stories, without elevators and are located adjacent to a parking lot. We will also have some package bins available, as well as a limited number of volunteers to help with unloading. During high traffic times drivers may need to remain with their vehicle while passengers unload and then must move their vehicle to one of the campus parking lots or city parking spaces. If you are moving into University Village you will want to follow these directions: The address to use for University Village is 1206 W. Sacramento Avenue. Each of the buildings at University Village have two stories, without elevators and are located adjacent to a parking lot.



Students may have access to the use of a cart to assist in move-in based on availability (32”L x 24” W x 26” D). We encourage you to bring a hand-truck or dolly to assist you in moving your items from the car to your room. It is important to note that not all of our buildings have elevators and not all are adjacent to parking lots; we encourage you to pack boxes that can be carried by one person and up stairways. If you need special accommodations on move-in day, please contact our office at 530-898-6325.

parking lot


Temporary parking is designated in the B lot gravel parking lots, next to the Stadium and WellCat Health Center parking entrance. Please note that all non-residents must vacate the B lot parking lots by 5 pm. Here you will find a map of all available parking on campus that also highlights our G (General) lots which are available for parking should Blots fill up. You will need to purchase a parking permit if using the G lots, which you can do here. The map also indicates which spaces are for employees only, and therefore not eligible spaces to park in.

You can find which parking lots are open for parking within the Campus Map(opens in new window). If you need to park in our G lots, check out the parking website to be led to the link to pay for parking.

Parking Guides

If you need accessibility help reading the guides above, please contact our office at 530-898-6325.

Residential advisor

What Do I Do Once I Get to My Room?

Your Resident Advisor (RA) should be on your floor or around your building when you arrive. Your RA is here to help you get settled; they will have information about events and activities, resources such as bike registration and IT support. In addition, you will want to complete your Room Inventory Card. This card may be in your room or given to you during check in. This paper will be your opportunity to inventory the furniture and status of your room. Once it is complete you will return it to your RA.