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University Housing

Move In Day

Parking/Unloading Areas

Unloading Zones:

Due to the high traffic times, one passenger has to be with the vehicle at all time.

Cars are limited to 10 minutes for unloading.

Use Legion Avenue for unloading for Whitney, Sutter, Shasta, and Lassen halls. 

Use Lot B for unloading at Mechoopda, Esken, and Konkow halls.

University Village you can unload anywhere in the gated community. See the University Village Building Map (PDF).

Parking Zone:

University Village students and guests may park within the gated community. Non-residents must move vehicles after move-in day.

Parking is available at the following locations along the south edge of the campus:

Where do I get my keys?

All residents excluding University Village residents will pick up your keys in the B lot parking lot

University Village residents will pick up their room key at The University Village Hub


Volunteers will assist you with carts on Move-In Day. Each Volunteer only has one cart so please be aware that you may have to carry some of your items individually up the stairways. We recommend bringing a handcart or moving dolly if you have one.

 Students Moving-in with family.

Wildcat Card

If you have lost your Wildcat Card you can receive a new one at the ITSS booth until 5 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday.

Your Wildcat Card will give you access to your residence hall.

You will need your Wildcat Card in order to eat at Sutter Dining.

Where Can I Eat

Lunch will be available at the Sutter Dining Hall on Move-In day. The hours are noon - 3 p.m., for residents and their guests. Residents will pay with one meal swipe while guests will be able to eat at the dining hall for $5 per person.

Hot dogs will be available at the University Village Hub on Move-In day for University Village residents and their guests.

Consider one of the more than 50 eateries in adjacent downtown.  Visit the Downtown Chico web site for a listing of restaurants.


Guests are welcome in the Residence Hall during Move-In. After 5 p.m. residents will need to check in their guests at the front desk. If you wish to check in a guest that does not live in University Housing they will need a government-issued ID. If you are checking in a guest from another residence hall they will only need their Wildcat ID.

Trouble with my Room

If there is something wrong with your room create a service request in Resident Center.

WiFi Set up

To set up WiFi for your mobile and laptop devices follow the ITSS steps for setting up. You can also visit the ITSS Booth at the lobby of your Residence Hall. 

For X-Box and PlayStation log on to the 'csuchico' WiFi.

Bike Registration 

A bicycle registration booth will be in the Sutter courtyard. You can also register your bike with our Campus Police at any time.  When selecting a bicycle lock, we recommend one which can secure both the frame and wheels.

Move-In Day Wednesday, August 21

Students in the following residence halls will move in Wednesday, August 21. Students may move in between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

  • Konkow
  • Lassen Floor 3*
  • Shasta Floor 1 and 3*
  • Sutter North Floors
  • University Village odd building numbers, Agriculture Building and returning residents
  • Whitney Rooms 6-9*

Move-In Day Thursday, August 22

Students in the following residence halls will move in Thursday, August 22. Student may begin move in between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

  • Esken
  • Lassen Floor 1-2*
  • Mechoopda
  • Shasta Floor 2*
  • Sutter North Floors 2-3*
  • Sutter South Floors 2-3*
  • University Village even building numbers
  • Whitney Floors 2-5*

Requests for alternative arrivals can be made through Resident Center:

  1. Log into Resident Center
  2. Click Requests at the top of the menu bar
  3. Select Alternative Arrival/Departure Request

* First digit of the room corresponds to the floor number (e.g. 422 is on 4th floor)