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University Housing

Resident Advisor (RA)

What is an RA?

  • Connection to campus


    RA's take residents to programs across campus that promote holistic student success. They advertise on-campus programs, update informational boards throughout the halls, and invite residents to weekly events.

  • Uphold Policy

    RA's are responsible for upholding policy within the halls. They take turns being "on duty" 24 hours a day 7 days a week where they build community and address policy violations.

    RA's participate in a duty rotation where they address policy violations from quiet hours, alcohol, to vaping within or around the Residential Halls. During a documentation RAs will provide education on why specific policies exist. After the documentation RAs write a report about the incident for Resident Conduct Coordinators.

  • Safety And Security

    RA's respond to safety and security concerns within all communities. They take proactive steps to ensure fire equipment is functioning and are trained to respond to various crises.

    RA's consistently check the halls for safety risks, support in fire alarm evacuations, and are often the first to respond to emergencies. Each RA has completed 2 to 3 weeks of training with staff, Campus Police, and Counselors

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    RA's are trained to develop skills to engage residents on conversations relating to diversity and inclusion.

    RA's provide and encourage residents to share their own experiences while challenging residents to empathize with the views of others within and outside of their community. They promote events, program, and create boards that support the University Diversity mission.

  • Mentorship

    RA's work 1 on 1 with residents to resolve conflict, provide guidance, and talk through common issues that college students face.

    RA's will meet with roommates and neighbors to resolve conflicts within the community. They provide guidance to common issues students often encounter and lead residents toward leadership opportunities with Community Counsel and the Residential Hall Association.

Perks of Being an RA!

  •  Private Room
    • Each RA is housed in a private room in the community they are assigned to so they can connect and provide support to residents
  • Residential Dining Plan
    • RAs can choose from the various meal plan options that can be utilized across campus eateries
  • Priority Registration
    •  RAs are given first-round priority scheduling when registering for Fall & Spring courses

All About Being an RA Video:


General Timeline

Application Period

Nov 1st - Dec 27th

Apply on Handshake!

Required Workshops

Jan 28 - Feb 28

2 Hours per week for 5 weeks!

Interview Process

March 2nd-6th

Keep an eye on your email!

Get Involved

Unfortunately, The Community Council will not be available this Fall Semester, Leadership development will be available through the Residence Hall Association (RHA).
  • The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the official student governing body of University Housing in conjunction with its Community Council (COCO). RHA and COCO are a great way for residents to impact the residential community and their own experience. You will have an opportunity to grow as a leader while connecting with your peers. RHA and COCO plans fun programs for the residents of our communities, coordinates community-wide service programs, propose facility changes and improvements.