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Resident Advisor (RA)

Resident Advisors

What is a Resident Advisor?

A Resident Advisor (RA) serves an integral role in supporting overall student success. Whether it is through taking students to events, late night conversations, performing duty rounds, or talking with a student who is struggling with classes, RAs are committed to creating a positive residential experience.

Resident Advisors also gain valuable skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, and time management. The Resident Advisor position is a nationally recognized leadership position that is a great addition to any resume.

  • Mentorship

    RA's work 1 on 1 with residents to resolve conflict, provide guidance, and talk through common issues that college students face.

    RA's will meet with roommates and neighbors to resolve conflicts within the community. They provide guidance to common issues students often encounter and lead residents toward leadership opportunities with Community Counsel and the Residential Hall Association

  • Connection to campus

    RAs provide residents with a variety of opportunities to connect with campus programs and events.  Direct communication with residents, information boards, and attendance at campus events are just some of the ways that this is accomplished.

  • Uphold Policy

    RA's participate in a duty rotation where they address policy violations from quiet hours, alcohol, to vaping within or around the Residential Halls. During a documentation RAs will provide education on why specific policies exist. After the documentation RAs write a report about the incident for Resident Conduct Coordinators.

  • Safety And Security

    RA's consistently check the halls for safety risks, support in fire alarm evacuations, and are often the first to respond to emergencies. Each RA has completed 2 to 3 weeks of training with staff, Campus Police, and Counselors

  • Diversity

    RA's provide and encourage residents to share their own experiences while challenging residents to empathize with the views of others within and outside of their community. They promote events, program, and create boards that support the University Diversity mission.

Who Can Be an RA?

Preference is given to second year students and above, including Transfer and Graduate students regardless of citizenship status.   
Students currently studying abroad will be considered if they will return before the start of fall training. Please see below for minimum requirements:

Minimum Requirement for the RA Position

In order to be an RA you must meet the following criteria

  • Must be a full-time enrolled student at Chico State
  • Must maintain a 2.5 Semester and Cumulative GPA
  • Must be in good conduct standing with campus and University Housing
  • Must successfully pass a background check
  • Must attend/complete all assigned trainings

The RA Compensation Package!

  •  Single Room and Meal Plan, approximate value of $14,339
    • Each RA is housed in a private room in the community they are assigned to so they can connect and provide support to residents. 
  • Full Meal Plan
  • Utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity, Trash, and High-Speed Wireless Internet)
    • All included!
  • Early Spring and Fall Class Registration
    •  RAs are given first-round priority scheduling when registering for Fall & Spring courses.
  • Priority in B Lot or University Village Parking Lottery
    • You can have your car with you.
  • 4 Paid Hours per week at the desk
    • With the ability for additional paid hours.

All About Being an RA Video:

Application Process

The application process for the RA position has multiple steps. The application will open in November 2023. 

Step 1:  Review the Position Description on Handshake & Apply on Handshake November 3, 2023 - January 12, 2024. 

Step 2:  Complete RA Supplemental Application linked on Handshake before Friday, January 12, 2024 at 8am. 

Step 2.5: Optional RA Info Sessions where you can learn more about the RA position and get questions answered:

               December 4th 4pm-5pm HUB

               December 6th 12pm-1pm CCLC

               December 7th 1pm-2pm HUB

               December 7th 5pm-6pm University Village HUB

               December 19th 11am-12pm Microsoft Teams LINK Click here to join the meeting(opens in new window)

Step 3: Attend required spring workshops. Candidates will receive an email with instructions on signing up for their workshop time. 

Step 3.5 Optional: Attend an optional Interviewing Workshop. Date & time TBD

Step 4: Participate in individual interview: February 5-26, 2024.

Step 5: Meet all criteria for the position as outlined in the RA Position Description.