University Housing

Damage Billing Information

As outlined in the University Housing License Agreement - after end-of-year residence hall checkout is completed - a thorough room inspection is conducted by University Housing custodial and maintenance personnel.

When item(s) in bedrooms and common areas was/were identified with damage(s) - and there was no prior record of pre-existing damage recorded at the time you checked into the space – then resident(s) assigned to the room/apartment is/are responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of damaged item(s).

Work orders have been written and processed for all recorded damage and then cross-checked to room/space conditions noted at check-in. Consequently, charges represent only “new damages” which occurred during your period of occupancy.

The cost of items listed below is calculated based on average pricing of materials required, the labor costs to re-install and/or repair the damage(s) discovered, and administrative overhead to complete the work order, etc. [time and materials].

Per the University Housing License Agreement, residents are financially and judicially responsible for damages in the space to which they are assigned. Residents are jointly responsible for the public areas they share with other residents within a community/floor/wing. If a person(s) responsible for public area damage was not identified prior to hall closing, then charges are equally distributed to all residents within that particular community/floor/wing.

Some examples of typical charges include (costs are subject to change):

Examples of Typical Charges
ItemEstimated Cost
Bed Components$600 and up
Biohazard Cleanup$85
Blinds (vertical blinds)$120
Carpet (requires reinstallation of carpet in entire room)$985
Cleaning & Maintenance (carpet excluded)$36 per hour
Cleaning - carpet (requires professional extraction and cleaning)$85
Chair$100 and up
Door - Interior/Exterior$320
Refrigerator (Kitchen UV & Konkow)$1,160
Wall Damage (requires sheetrock repair, patching and paint)$165
Trash Can/Recycling Bin$30
Wardrobe/Closet Rod$75