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University Housing

Cost Overview

Room and Board Rates 2020-2021

Community and room prices include furnished room/suite, all utilities, and access to Wi-Fi. Meal plans are required, reserved per semester and are added to the total annual cost of the room.

Payment Schedule

4 payments per semester X 2 = 8 payments a year

The total cost is divided evenly throughout the year to create the payment schedule. For specific payment schedule amounts, view the: 

Printable Room and Board Rates 2019-2020 (PDF)

Printable Room and Board Rates 2020-2021 (PDF)

An initial payment of $300 must be paid while applying to reside with University Housing.

2020-2021 Annual Rates for Communities and Rooms*

* These rates are based off of 2019-2020 rates with an anticipated 5% increase.  Rates will be updated when approved.

Communities and Room TypesRoom RateMeal Plan RateRHA FeeTotal Annual Cost
Whitney Single$9,933$3,696$30$13,659
Shasta/Lassen/Whitney/Mechoopda/Esken Double$8,201$3,696$30$11,927
Whitney Triple$6,917$3,696$30$10,643
Whitney Quad$5,187$3,696$30$8,913
Konkow Single with Mini Plan$9,933$1,539$30$11,502
Konkow Double with Mini Plan$8,201$1,539$30$9,770
Konkow Triple with Mini Plan$6,917$1,539$30$8,486
Sutter Double$9,026$3,696$30$12,752
Sutter Triple$7,617$3,696$30$11,343
Sutter Quad$5,712$3,696$30$9,438
University Village Single with Mini Plan$9,933$1,539$30$11,502
University Village Double with Mini Plan$8,201$1,539$30$9,770
Semester Rates for Meal Plans (Required for Residents)
Meal Plan Cost# of MealsFlex Cash
Chico Plan: 192 Meals (12 Meals/week)$1,848192$64
Bidwell Plan: 176 Meals (11 Meals/week)$1,848176$128
Wildcat Plan: 160 Meals (10 Meals/week)$1,848160$192
Mini Plan: 64 Meals (4 Meals/week)$769.5064$112

Meal Plan Assignments

Shasta, Lassen, Sutter, Whitney, Esken or Mechoopda
  • Choose one of the following meal plans:
    • Chico
    • Bidwell
    • Wildcat
University Village & Konkow
  • Mini Meal Plan
    • You will automatically receive the Mini Meal Plan, but can opt for a full plan (Chico, Bidwell, or Wildcat) if desired.