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University Housing

Current Academic Year Cost

Room and Board Rates 2020-2021

Community and room prices include furnished room/suite, all utilities, and access to Wi-Fi. Meal plans are required, reserved per semester and are added to the total annual cost of the room.

Payment Schedule

4 payments per semester X 2 = 8 payments a year

The total cost is divided evenly throughout the year to create the payment schedule. For specific payment schedule amounts, view the: 

Printable Room and Board Rates 2020-2021 (PDF)

An initial payment of $300 must be paid while applying to reside with University Housing.

Fall 2020-2021 Annual Rates for Communities and Rooms*

Fall 2020 - All rooms will be single occupancy, one person per room, offered at the double rate.  Double rates are in bold and italics below

Communities and Room TypesRoom RateMeal Plan RateRHA FeeTotal Annual Cost
Whitney Single$9,933$3,696$30$13,659
Shasta/Lassen/Whitney/Mechoopda/Esken Double$8,201$3,696$30$11,927
Whitney Triple$6,917$3,696$30$10,643
Whitney Quad$5,187$3,696$30$8,913
Konkow Single with Mini Plan$9,933$1,539$30$11,502
Konkow Double with Mini Plan$8,201$1,539$30$9,770
Konkow Triple with Mini Plan$6,917$1,539$30$8,486
Sutter Double$9,026$3,696$30$12,752
Sutter Triple$7,617$3,696$30$11,343
Sutter Quad$5,712$3,696$30$9,438
University Village Single with Mini Plan$9,933$1,539$30$11,502
University Village Double with Mini Plan$8,201$1,539$30$9,770
Semester Rates for Meal Plans (Required for Residents)
Meal Plan Cost# of MealsFlex Cash
Chico Plan: 192 Meals (12 Meals/week)$1,848192$64
Bidwell Plan: 176 Meals (11 Meals/week)$1,848176$128
Wildcat Plan: 160 Meals (10 Meals/week)$1,848160$192
Mini Plan: 64 Meals (4 Meals/week)$769.5064$112

Meal Plan Assignments

Shasta, Lassen, Sutter, Whitney, Esken or Mechoopda
  • Choose one of the following meal plans:
    • Chico
    • Bidwell
    • Wildcat
University Village & Konkow
  • Mini Meal Plan
    • You will automatically receive the Mini Meal Plan, but can opt for a full plan (Chico, Bidwell, or Wildcat) if desired.