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COVID-19 Medical Vaccine Exemptions and Workplace Accommodations

Chico State Students

If you are an incoming student for the spring 2022 semester and are requesting a medical exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, you must follow these steps as soon as possible, but no later than November 15, 2021:

  1. Register with Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). Click the red "Apply Here!" button on the left to complete the registration application. Make sure to select "Vaccination Accommodation" under Question #1.
  2. Provide supporting documentation from your medical provider. You will be prompted to upload documentation upon completion of the ARC application, or you may email documentation directly to
    • Your medical provider may provide a note on their letterhead or use this Disability Verification Form (PDF). In either case, documentation from your medical provider must verify a diagnosis and substantiate the need for a medical exemption (in other words, your medical provider must indicate the correlation between a disability or diagnosis and why you are unable to get the vaccine).

While medical exemption information submitted after November 15 may continue to be accepted, there is no guarantee it will be processed or approved by the campus deadline of November 30. 

In the event an exemption is not approved, students must be fully vaccinated (two weeks after the final shot) by the November 30 deadline, so the time to act is now.

If you have additional medical exemption questions, please email  

(If you believe that you are exempt from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement based on your sincerely held religious beliefs, observances, practices, or beliefs that occupy a place of importance comparable to that of traditionally recognized religions, you must complete the Religious Exemption Request form as soon as possible so the Title IX/DHR office can evaluate your request prior to your class registration date. Once the form is completed and evaluated, you will receive a response and instructions on next steps from the Title IX/DHR office. Questions regarding religious exemptions should be directed to the Title IX/DHR(opens in new window) office. ARC does not process or facilitate religious exemptions.) 

Chico State Faculty and Staff

Accessibility Resource Center no longer facilitates COVID-19 vaccination exemption or COVID-19 related workplace accommodation requests due to a personal medical condition. To assist in managing the University’s COVID-19 related accommodation requests, Chico State is working with an outside consulting firm, Shaw HR Consulting.

Per Chico State EOC’s announcement, state employees requesting a workplace accommodation due to a personal medical condition; a vaccine-related exemption due to a personal medical condition; or a vaccine-related exemption due to a sincerely held religious belief must complete the CSU COVID -19 ACCOMMODATION REQUEST form. Once the form has been completed and submitted, the employee will be contacted by Shaw HR Consulting regarding next steps in the process. Questions about the COVID-19 accommodation process can be directed to Rebecca Wicks at

Please note: If you have previously submitted a COVID-related accommodation request to Human Resources or to ARC but have not received notification of an outcome, you must complete the form in the above link to request your accommodation. HR and ARC will no longer facilitate your original COVID-19 accommodation request.

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Chico State believes in providing access to its diverse student, employee, and community populations. The Accessibility Resource Center works with staff, faculty, students, administrators, and community members to ensure that all aspects of campus life— learning, working, and living— are universally accessible. We promote and facilitate awareness and access through accommodations, training, and partnerships.