Accessibility Resource Center


"Disability is an opportunity for innovation." - Haben Girma, Disability Rights Lawyer & Activist

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) at California State University, Chico provides an academic coaching program designed to increase retention, graduation rates, and quality of the college experience for students. Sessions focus on skill development in personal and academic organization, time management, exam preparation, effective communication, utilizing campus resources, sustainable self-care, self-advocacy, and maintaining healthy relationships.

ARC uses a multi-disciplinary team approach and views academic coaching as a collaboration between the student participant, coach, Accessibility Advisor, faculty members, and staff within various student services. In this sense, each student who receives coaching services is equipped with their own coaching team focused on promoting the individual’s academic success.

The team fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment for all and provides a unique, student-centered approach. ARC coaches are trained in diversity and inclusion and work with each student to address their individual needs within the context of their own lives without bias or judgment. Coaches are trained in cultural competency and how to work with students with a variety of learning differences. Further, coaches focus on fostering self-care, self-compassion, and self-advocacy, going beyond academia to prepare students for lifelong learning and self-sufficiency.


Drop-in coaching services are only available during the two weeks leading up to Finals Week. They are by-appointment, brief, solution-focused academic coaching sessions designed to provide extra student support, without the expectation of meeting consistently.

Drop-in coaches assist students with: 

  • Organizing commitments + creating a weekly/monthly schedule
  • Developing an action plan to address an overwhelming week or project
  • Studying + time management techniques
  • Sharing resources
  • Referral to other on-campus resources
  • Referral to Accessibility Advisor for additional assistance