Accessibility Resource Center

How to Register with ARC

Students with a permanent or temporary disability may qualify for accommodations or services through Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). Follow the steps below to register for services and request accommodations.

Step 1: Apply to the University

All prospective students must first apply and be accepted to the University through the standard admission procedure found on the Chico State Admissions(opens in new window) website.

If students are denied admission to Chico State or believe they have been unable to complete a subject requirement because of a disability, an appeal can be made to the Chico State Admissions(opens in new window) office. It is recommended that students include disability documentation from a qualified professional illustrating how the disability has affected their academic performance.

Step 2: Submit ARC Application and Documentation

The ARC Application(opens in new window) allows students to tell ARC about their disability and the accommodations they would like to request or know more about. If students are not sure what certain accommodations are, they will get a chance to ask when meeting with an Accessibility Advisor.

Students will be prompted to upload their disability documentation at the end of the application. If students do not have electronic copies of their disability documentation to submit with their application, students may email it to in new window) or bring it with them to their appointment with an Accessibility Advisor.  

Please see Disability Documentation Guidelines(opens in new window) for information regarding disability documentation and what is needed for various disabilities.

Step 3: Meet with an Accessibility Advisor

Students will be contacted by an ARC employee to schedule an Intake appointment after the application has been received by ARC. The Intake appointment is the time when students will meet with an Accessibility Advisor to discuss their disability, discuss eligibility for services, and learn about reasonable accommodations available while enrolled at Chico State. If documentation has not been submitted prior to the Intake appointment, students are asked to bring documentation with them to this appointment.

Most of the time, accommodations can be arranged within two weeks of meeting with an Accessibility Advisor. However, some accommodations take longer to arrange. Please review the Quick Timeline Guide(opens in new window) to understand time needed to arrange accommodations.

Step 4: Request Services from ARC

After meeting with an Accessibility Advisor, and eligibility has been determined, students will be able to notify their instructors and request specific services and accommodations through the student accessibility portal known as ARC Go! The Accessibility Advisor will provide students with instructions and tutorials on how to navigate ARC Go! and how to request their accommodations during the Intake appointment.