Accessibility Resource Center

Planning with Accessibility

All campus-sponsored events, whether indoor or outdoor, on- or off-campus, must be accessible to people with disabilities. 

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Accessible Outdoor Event Set-Up Information

When planning an outdoor event, please be mindful of the following:

  1. There must be an accessible and unobstructed path of travel around the perimeter of the event and to event activities. 
  2. If a sidewalk or access to an event is blocked, there must be signage directing guests to an alternate accessible route. 
  3. If electrical cords are across paths, they must be covered with mats or secured with tape.
  4. There must be a direct line of sight to stages from accessible viewing locations (i.e., views not obstructed by large signs or booths).
  5. Booths and tables must be on the perimeter of the lawn area, facing out, with direct access from the sidewalk or concrete. If the booth is intended to be entered, the entire interior must be on concrete or another accessible surface. Booths must allow 22 feet of clearance on fire lanes.