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Accessibility Resource Center

Welcome to ARC Go!

    Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is excited to announce that our new accessibility and case management software, ARC Go! is now live!

    ARC Go! will improve the delivery of accommodations to students with disabilities; will improve the interaction between students, instructors, and ARC; and will provide more information and easier access for instructors and students.

    We look forward to providing a system that will better serve our students and instructors. For more information, feel free to contact ARC at 530-898-5959 or email We are happy to answer any questions!

    Step-by-Step Student Tutorials 

    ARC Go! Instructor Information

    Testing is the primary accommodation that an instructor needs to take action on as requests are made by the student. Instructors will need to take action only after the student initiates an accommodation request via ARC Go! Requests will come to instructors via email containing directions. We view our relationship with instructors as a critical partnership. Instructors play an integral role in creating equitable access in the classroom and we value your input and collaboration. Please know that we are available to you for consultation if you have any questions or concerns during this process. 

    Exam Services

    All requests for exams to be facilitated by ARC must be submitted online by the student.

    Students will initiate a request for exam services by using ARC Go; however, they will not be able to submit any exam requests until the instructor has completed the ARC Testing Agreement.

    Faculty Notification/Request for Action 

    1. Instructors will receive an email with the ARC Testing Agreement information and link after the student has submitted their testing accommodation to the course. Click on the link to complete the agreement. 
    2. Fill out the agreement to indicate specific information about the administration of the exam.
    3. Once instructors complete the agreement, an email confirmation is sent to ARC and to the student. The student will then be able to schedule testing requests with ARC.
    4. The submission of the ARC Testing Agreement along with the submission of future exams confirms your acknowledgment of the exam request.

    NOTE: If the answers submitted on the ARC Testing Agreement are not applicable to every exam, instructors will be able to modify each exam's details when exams are sent to ARC either via email or uploaded into ARC Go!

    Getting Exams to ARC 

    Please provide exam(s) to ARC at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled exam date. Instructors may send exams to ARC in any one of the options below: Files uploaded to the ARC Go!

    1. Files uploaded directly to ARC Go!
    2. Email:
    3. Fax: 530-898-4411