Accessibility Resource Center

IEP or 504 Plan in K-12? Transition to College

The transition from high school to university can be difficult for any student. It may be more so for students with disabilities. The laws previously in place in the primary and secondary schools (e.g., IEP or 504 Plans) and the familiar system of special education assistance under I.D.E.A., ceases abruptly with high school graduation. Individuals with a documented disability who attend university are covered by two federal laws: Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

These laws guarantee equitable access and opportunity to education without fundamentally altering the essential requirements and expectations of a class or program. There are no provisions, however, under Section 504 or the ADA for differential grading or for modifying the fundamental requirements of a class or program. These laws require that the student assume responsibility for providing documentation of their disability, identify needed accommodations, and make timely requests for support and services. 

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is the campus office at California State University, Chico responsible for helping students and faculty determine and provide appropriate academic accommodations for students with disabilities to promote their retention and graduation. ARC is committed to assisting students with disabilities in achieving equal access to academic programs and facilities at Chico State through academic support services, technology, and advocacy. It is strongly recommended that an individual with a disability register with ARC and work collaboratively with an Accessibility Advisor. Click on the red "Apply Here!" button to submit a registration application. Information you should know:

  • A university education is not an entitlement or a right. All students enrolling in a class, including a student with a disability, must be otherwise qualified for that specific class or program and meet all of the academic criteria or qualifications for enrollment.
  • Students must provide current documentation of their disability (three years or less). 
  • There are no provisions under Section 504 or the ADA for differential grading or modifying the fundamental requirements of a class program.
  • Students are responsible for planning, requesting accommodations, and monitoring their own academic success. They need to know when and how to ask for help. 
  • A student is responsible for talking with instructors about specific accommodations. ARC can facilitate this communication, but the student is responsible for making contact with the instructor. 
  • All students are expected to adhere to Chico State's code of conduct for personal behavior. 
  • The University does not offer such personal services as attendant care. These services are the students’ responsibility. 
  • Students are responsible to arrange and provide their own transportation to and from the University. Chico Area Transit offers free bus service with a student ID.
  • Students are responsible for tuition, fees, and purchase of textbooks.
  • Students who have placards for accessible parking are still required to purchase a University parking permit to park in University lots and garage.
  • Confidentiality: The University cannot disclose student information to anyone ( including parents) without the student’s written consent. 

For more information, contact ARC at 530-898-5959.