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Accessibility Resource Center

Role of Faculty

  • Identify essential course components and competencies so reasonable accommodations can be determined.
  • Understand what services are available to students with disabilities.
  • Discuss possible modifications, usually not exemptions. Accommodations should not alter the course objectives or technical standards.
  • Invite students to meet early in the semester to discuss their need for accommodations.
  • Encourage student disclosure with a syllabus statement. The following is suggested wording:  “If you have a documented disability that may require reasonable accommodation, please contact Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) for coordination of your academic accommodations.” ARC is located in the Student Services Center, room 170.
  • Respect the student’s right for privacy. Some students may be sensitive to being singled out in the classroom. Provide time during office hours or in a private setting to meet with the student.

Services available