Accessibility Resource Center

Disability Documentation Guidelines

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) welcomes and encourages all students with disabilities at Chico State to register with ARC. In most cases, ARC will ask students for disability verification from a qualified professional. Documentation requests are meant to help ARC understand as much as possible about the student's disability. Please note that disability documentation that may have been sufficient to establish eligibility for reasonable accommodations at other institutions, such as high schools or community colleges, may not automatically transfer and may need updating before establishing accommodation eligibility at Chico State. Students may not need to submit disability documentation if their disability and accommodation requests can be verified by observation (e.g., wheelchair user).

Please use the following guidelines when obtaining disability documentation. Generally, the more specific the documentation, the faster ARC can process the accommodation request. If a student is not able to obtain disability documentation that meets all elements stated within the guidelines, students should still submit as much as they have. These guidelines are consistent with the CSU Policy on Provision of Services to Students with Disabilities.

Disability Verification

The Disability Verification Form can be used by a licensed professional to communicate the terms of a student's disability to ARC. Once completed and signed, please return the Disability Verification form to ARC, along with any accompanying documentation specific to the disability (as outlined in the specific guidelines provided above). The completed form can be emailed to or faxed to 530-898-4411.