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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chico State Women’s Philanthropy Council?
The Chico State Women’s Philanthropy Council is both a networking opportunity and a special philanthropic collective dedicated to the study, support, encouragement, and advocacy of women students, faculty, and programs. The council fosters creative collaboration between Chico State and its diverse, talented alumnae and friends to draw upon their expertise, energy, knowledge, and resources.

Why was the Chico State Philanthropy Council created?
Women have been key to the University’s success since its founding as The Normal School in 1887, and they continue to shape our vision for the future of the institution. At Chico State, we have a female University President, Provost, Vice President of Business, and VP of Academic Affairs, AND Athletics Director. 54% of our student body and 55% of Chico State employees identify as female.

By reframing the conversation about women in philanthropy and leadership, we share ideas, build support, create new networks, and use our power for greater impact on student success at Chico State—especially for our women students and alumnae. Through our collective power and influence, we can help and celebrate Chico State women worldwide, and provide opportunities for them to grow and strive further toward their potential.

What is the annual philanthropic commitment?
The minimum membership gift is $1,500 annually with a three-year commitment. Gifts above the minimum membership are encouraged in order to make the most powerful impact.

Is there an expected time commitment or level of participation in the Women’s Philanthropy Council?
The level of participation and time commitment to the work of the Women’s Philanthropy Council is entirely up to you, there is no requirement for participating in events or committees. Members are encouraged to take full advantage of the networking, social, and support opportunities provided by events and meetings.

How will my gift make an impact?
Our goal is to cultivate female philanthropists and to help reduce the barriers to higher education for female students, to focus on the need for improving female representation in faculty, research, and on boards, and to be strategic in setting fundraising priorities and securing major gifts from women.

What will my contribution support?
All gifts will be placed in the Women’s Philanthropy Council fund. A small percentage of the money raised by the Women’s Philanthropy Council will cover the operating expenses and activities of the council, including the bi-annual women’s leadership symposium. The remainder of the funds will be designated to support programs, projects, and events on campus that fulfill the vision and serve women, students, faculty, and underserved populations. Women’s Philanthropy Council Members help select the campus programs that will benefit from Council grants.

I already joined the Tower Society—can I reallocate that gift to the WPC?
We ask that your membership gift be included in your annual giving plan, but not take the place of the wonderful support you have already been providing to Chico State. As a new initiative, we want to fulfill the vision for the Chico State Women’s Philanthropy Council; however, we do not want to diminish the ongoing support to other campus programs.

If I cannot give my full membership gift at once, may I give pledge payments over the year?
Membership donations may be made annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Payment can be made by check, credit card, and stock transfer.

I have a male friend or family member who may want to join -- can he participate?
While the Chico State Women’s Philanthropy Council is a women’s collective, membership is not restricted by gender identity. Male friends or family members can provide support by making a gift and encouraging the women in their lives to join.

If I cannot give a membership gift at this time, is there a way for me to participate?
Yes, you may choose to give a gift of any amount to the Women’s Philanthropy Council, and while there will be some events restricted to members, there will be other educational events open to all.

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