About the CARE Team

What Happens When You Contact the CARE Team?

The CARE Team will assess the referral and make a determination about a course of action to proceed in helping the individual and the campus community. If there is a mental health concern, specialized members of the team will provide follow-up and resources to the individual. If a crime is alleged, the police will investigate and, when appropriate, the student may be prosecuted.

Similarly, if a violation of the Student Code of Conduct is alleged, the student may be subject to disciplinary action. If it is assessed that the individual's presence on campus or participation in University activities may threaten campus health or safety, or significantly disrupt University activities or functions, immediate steps will be taken to protect the campus community.

Team Members

Yeng Vang
CARE Team Chair/Student Support Case Manager, WellCat Services

Holly Hunt
Director/ADA Coordinator, Accessibility Resource Center

Tyson Shaffner
Clinical Director, WellCat Health Center

Alva I De La Torre-Peña
Clinical Case Manager, WellCat Counseling Center

Emily Lees
Senior Coordinator for Conduct and Compliance, University Housing

Megan Kurtz
Director of Off-Campus Student Services, University Housing

Jasmany Garcia
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Programs

Chris Shippen
Lieutenant, University Police Department

Michael Polsan
Student Conduct Administrator, Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities

Mary Cox
CARE Recorder/Office Coordinator, Accessibility Resource Center

Ad Hoc Members - Depending on the circumstances of CARE referrals, other members of the campus community may be asked to consult with the CARE Team.

The CARE Team is not tasked with responding to emergencies. If this is an emergency and you are in need of immediate assistance, contact University Police at 530-898-5555.