When to Contact Us

Contact the CARE team when any individual displays or communicates behavior that causes you concern. Trust your instincts, and ask for help if you have concerns. It is much better to over-report a concern than to ignore a situation or incident assuming it is isolated or unimportant.

From mental health concerns to threats of violence, the multidisciplinary team responds to all referrals in a thoughtful, professional, and considerate manner. Please, don't wait until the situation deteriorates, instead seek advice early.

You may have concern and should refer to the CARE Team if the individual:

  • Exhibits an abrupt change in performance, behavior or appearance;
  • Demonstrates a pattern of absences from class or activities;
  • Engages in bizarre behavior or seems to be disconnected from reality;
  • Is disruptive and does not follow direction to stop when instructed to do so;
  • Has inappropriate boundaries: Asks for help in dealing with personal issues that are out of your role as a student, faculty or staff member;
  • Exhibits or reports drug or alcohol abuse;
  • Has engaged in behavior that causes you or others to be concerned for safety (e.g., yelling, intimidation, name-calling);
  • Creates a hostile environment in class (others stop attending because of the behavior);
  • Threatens to harm themselves or others;
  • Writes about committing violent acts;
  • Is consistently angry or depressed;
  • Whenever you wonder "Should I" about a situation. If you feel uncomfortable filling out a referral, call or email for a consultation.

The CARE Team is not tasked with responding to emergencies. If this is an emergency and you are in need of immediate assistance, contact University Police at 530-898-5555.