To fulfill its purpose, the CARE Team accepts the following responsibilities:

  • Receive, review, and catalogue information about concerns regarding student behavior.

  • Perform initial assessment of risk and refer cases to offices and officials as needed for additional assessment.

  • Define a plan or response to address the needs of both the student and the safety of the community.

  • Implement response with the intent to de-escalate a potential crisis, reduce or remove threats, and attend to the needs of the individual who is demonstrating disturbed or disturbing behavior.

  • Make recommendations to university officials on appropriate actions consistent with university policies and procedures.

  • Engage in ongoing refinement of Team procedures and protocols to foster optimal CARE Team functioning and interface with the university community.

  • Coordinate case management, support and resources to facilitate CARE Team recommendations.

The CARE Team is not tasked with responding to emergencies. If this is an emergency and you are in need of immediate assistance, contact University Police at 530-898-5555.