College of Communication & Education

Vision, Mission, & Guiding Commitments


As a nationally recognized innovator in professional practice, the College of Communication and Education aspires to be the college of choice for students to develop their full potential.


The mission of the College of Communication and Education is to prepare our students to be effective, educated, engaged, and ethical leaders in their relationships, communities, and professions. We do so by building a student- centered learning environment that focuses on the innovative pairing of disciplinary knowledge and applied professional practice to meet the needs of a diverse society.

Guiding Commitments

Our mission is driven by these five guiding commitments:

1. Preparing change agents and lifelong learners

Our students are leaders and life-long learners who reflect our commitment to effective communication, civic engagement, community building, and the collaborative and holistic development of human potential.

2. Crafting meaningful, responsible, and responsive narratives

Our goal is to educate critical consumers and producers of the stories that shape our individual lives and collective futures.

3. Educating the whole person

Our pedagogy honors the humanity, physical well-being, and potential of all our faculty, staff, and students. Student learning and student success guide our practice.

4. Enabling access and equity

Our programs, practices, and curriculum embrace and promote diversity.

5. Building community through collaboration

Our College seeks to continually improve our communication, community-building, and collaborative processes and practices.