College of Communication & Education

The Office of Outreach, Research & Grants

CME Office of Outreach, Research, and Grants

The College of Communication and Education established the CME Office of Outreach, Research, and Grants (ORG) in 2011 to provide support to CME administrators and faculty interested in seeking external grant and contract funding opportunities. The CME ORG office is dedicated to serving faculty and students of California State University, Chico and specifically the College of Communication and Education faculty in their efforts to provide quality education and training experiences for students and professional development opportunities for teachers in partner K-12 schools. Benefits of external funding to students majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences, Communication Design, Journalism, Liberal Studies, Education, Recreation, and Kinesiology include financial support in the form of stipends, experiential field opportunities, and cohorted training programs. The ORG office also provides support and project administration services upon funding award. 

Available support and services provided include:

  • Proposal Research and Proposal Development
  • Budget/Fiscal Management Services
  • Project Administrative/Clerical Support Services
  • Coordination of Funded Projects
  • Sub-Contract and Independent Contractor Agreement Development
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Performance Reporting Assistance
  • Project Liaison Services:  Campus Departments; K-12 Schools; Community Agencies; Foundations; Funding Agencies

CME Office of Outreach, Research, and Grants

Tehama Hall Room 401
Staff Contact Information

Joleen BarnhillCME Grants Coordinatorjbarnhill@csuchico.edu530-898-6887
Rachael Beyers Project Assistant/Recruiterrlbeyers@csuchico.edu530-898-5025
Ajani Billington Project Assistant/Recruiterabillington@csuchico.edu530-898-4503
Joanna HerreraProject Assistant/Recruiterjherrera23@csuchico.edu530-898-5744
Dana Johnston Project Assistantdljohnston@csuchico.edu530-898-6146
Joann RoseProject Assistantjorose@csuchico.edu530-898-3307
Cheryl OrdoricaProject Assistant/Recruitercordorica@csuchico.edu530-898-3246
Jonni DunganProject Assistant/CPD Student Advisoryccarkhuff@csuchico.edu530-898-4026

Current Funded Projects Supported by the CME Office of Outreach, Research, and Grants


Northeastern California Preparation and Retention of Indian Educators II (NorCAL PRIE II)

Project Director: Michelle Cepello

Northeastern California Preparation and Retention of Indian Educators II (NorCAL PRIE II)10/2016-9/2019$1,097,550
TRIAD II Project

Project Directors: Al Schademan and Mimi Miller
Bechtel Foundation7/2016-10/2019$900K

Project Director: Deborah Summers
Gates Foundation6/2016-12/2018$69,799

Project Directors: Rebecca Justeson and Michelle Seligman
Federal and State NCLB and CRLP7/2016-6/2017$76,132

Project ESTEEM: Elementary Science Teachers: Educating, Elevating, and Meliorating

Websites: in new window)

Project Director:  Mike Kotar and Ben Seipel

California Department of Education, Educator Excellence Office1/2016-12/2017$500K

WFTA Global Food & Drink Travel Study

Project Director:  Matthew Stone

World Food Travel Association11/2015-6/2016$23,410

TRIAD Project

Project Director:  Al Schademan and Tal Slemrod

CSU Chancellor's Office, Bechtel Foundation3/2015-6/2016$54,113

PRISMS:  Promoting Rural Improvement in Secondary Math and Science


Residency in Secondary Education (RISE):

Project Director:  Maggie Payne

Office of Innovation and Improvement, US Dept of Education10/2014-9/2019$6.48M

Co-STARS Collaboration of Student and Teacher Achievement in Rural Schools


Rural Teacher Residency Pathway Program:

Project Director: Maggie Payne

Office of Innovation and Improvement, US Dept of Education10/2009-9/2015$7.3M

NorCal CLIPP (Northern California Collaboration for Low Incidence Personnel Preparation)


Project Director: Talya Kemper

Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services, US Dept of Education10/2013 - 9/2018$1.25M

NorCAL PRIE:  Northern California Preparation for Indian Educators


Project Director: Michelle Cepello

Office of Indian Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, US Dept. of Education7/2012-6/2016$1.2M

Project TRACK:  Training and Research for Autism and Collaboration in Kinesiology


Project Director: Rebecca Lytle

Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services, US Dept of Education1/2012 – 9/2016$1.25M

Collaborative Professional Development in Rural California Schools


Project Directors: Esther Larocco, Charles Zartman

Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement for Limited English Proficient Students, US Dept of Education5/2012- 8/2017$1.9M

Inland California Partnership for Teacher Based Reform


Project Directors: Mike Kotar, Julie Monet, Karen Villalobos

Improving Teacher Quality State Grants Program, CA Postsecondary Education Commission2010-2015$2.53M