College of Communication & Education

EdXChico Open-Air Teaching

EdXChico, the open-air teaching experience on the first day of classes was fondly nicknamed the “Best. First. Day. Ever!”   

“This event specifically showcased our outstanding faculty and the joy of learning,” said Kate McCarthy, interim dean of undergraduate education. “Whether it’s their first day of college or their last first day of school ever, students were engaged and inspired by popular faculty from each of the colleges offering five minutes of their best stuff.”

Seven colleges and eight faculty members delivered five-minute speeches about their best stories to encourage students to explore subjects outside their major. Alternatively, if they hadn’t yet chosen a major, they hope to inspire them to engage in the possibilities available to them.

Two faculty members from the College of Communication and Education participated in the event: Jennifer Malkowski from the Communication Studies Program and Stephen Caldes from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. Their talk was about storytelling and how important telling one’s own story is a part of finding their voice and individuality.

“Our short presentation will look to outline some traditional storytelling techniques, exemplify the importance of a narrative in all aspects of research, and encourage students to believe that, both in school and in life, their unique perspective matters. In the end, we want our students to feel individually empowered and integral to something bigger than themselves,” Stephen Caldes said.

Debra Larson, provost and vice president of academic affairs, was so pleased with the turnout that she hopes to continue the event, which was organized by her staff and multiple offices across campus.

edxchico group

EdxChico Faculty enjoying the open-air teaching experience

students edxchico

Students enjoying the EdXChico activities

jennifer malkowski and stephen caldes

Stephen Caldes and Jennifer Malkowski tell their stories at EdXChico