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November 2018 Tuesday Tips

6 November 2018:

Today’s election could impact how some universities are funded. Several candidates for governor are running on a free college plan as part of their platform. Here is an article on what’s at stake nationally for higher education(opens in new window). In CA, several propositions on the ballot could have implications for teachers, which is why the California Teachers Association (representing K-12 teachers) and the California Faculty Association (representing CSU faculty) have emailed lists of endorsed candidates to their members.

Find your polling place(opens in new window). Polls close at 8pm and Article 23.11 in the CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement ensures that you can get there if you want.

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27 November 2018:

This week’s tip arriving a bit early to help as much as possible.

With six missed class days due to the Camp Fire, you and your students lost roughly 8% of the total contact hours for the semester. I encourage you to resist the desire to jump right back into course content and strive to catch up. Doubling up on lectures or assignments may not promote learning and may make an already challenging time more stressful for some students. Investing time in a mindful transition back to the classroom will create a more supportive learning environment. Consider sharing your own experience of the fire and allow students the space to discuss their thoughts and concerns. To manage the 8% of time lost, consider adjusting due dates, omitting non-essential content, modifying exams, putting additional texts on reserve at the library, or even asking students how they want to reshape the final three weeks of class. Most importantly, ensure students are explicitly clear on any changes made to the course. If you have need help modifying your Blackboard pages or managing online content,  ATEC is available to assist you (530-898-6167(opens in new window)).

If you want to better understand a framework for trauma and how to support students returning to school, see the attached flyer promoting a presentation later this week. Also attached is a list of support resources for both you and your students.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones from all of us in the Faculty Development Office.

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