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Entertain and educate your at-home class, students and/or children with these great resources! Here's some that the Education Team at Gateway recommend.

Audubon Adventures(opens in new window) Designed for classrooms and other educational settings as well as for enjoyment at home, Audubon Adventures opens children’s hearts and minds to the wonders of birds, other wildlife, and the fascinating and complex natural world that is Planet Earth.

SciStarter(opens in new window) Help people of all ages discover and get involved in real world science: citizen science. Set up to support parents, guardians, and formal and informal educators seeking at-home STEM resources. 

STEAMwork(opens in new window) Programs premiere everyday at 2:30 pm on their Facebook page. Check out their collection of past activities and resources for families and educators. 

SciGirls(opens in new window) Emmy award-winning PBS Kids television show, website, and educational outreach program that draws on cutting-edge research about what engages girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning and careers.

Howtosmile(opens in new window) Find handpicked activities from your favorite science museums, public television stations, universities, and other educational organizations. All activities are available to anyone, free of charge. 

Science Snacks(opens in new window) Hands-on, teacher-tested, and use cheap, available materials. Satisfy your curiosity without ever getting full. 

COSI Connects(opens in new window) Exciting and engaging science through COSI videos and hands-on science you can try with your family at home.

educational resources

Celebrate Earth Day!

This is the 50th year of the Earth Day celebration. What is it all about? Over the last 50 years, Earth Day has encouraged helping endangered species, preventing pollution, saving energy, and helping people around the earth stay healthy and happy. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action - how can we come together to support our planet? 

Below are activities, and resources for learning and engagement to celebrate Earth Day 2020!

Earth Day Network(opens in new window): Learn more about the history of Earth Day, what's shaping Earth Day this year, and find events near you.

Kids Environment: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle(opens in new window): Through games, activities, and lessons, learn about what you can do to eliminate waste and protect our environment.

NASA: Climate Kids(opens in new window): Games, videos and activities that explore global climate change and how NASA keeps an eye on our Earth's health.

Earth Day Virtual Mini Film Festival(opens in new window): Free screenings of earth, climate, and environmental films every day during the entire week of 2020 Earth Day! 

Climate Action Heroes(opens in new window)Planet Earth needs our help. Discover your inner climate action hero!

Hands-on Earth Science Activities(opens in new window): A collection of all-things Earth science! Lessons for at-home learning, Earth videos, e-books, Earth apps, and citizen science.

Nat Geo @ Home: This Earth Day, let the planet inspire both you and your family. Find fun activities that can encourage your kids to be creative and explore the world while at home.

  • Activity 2Reduce/Reuse/Recycle(opens in new window) So, you think that you have run out of supplies for activities? Well, maybe not!  What can you imagine that plastic container can be turned into? Have you watch something decompose? Can you make your own paper? Check out these ideas on how you can help our planet by reusing, recycling and just plain reducing our trash! 
  • Activity 3: Endangered Species Parade (PDF) Celebrate our animal friends! Make a puppet of your favorite endangered species. Plan a parade with your family around the house and share stories of your animal.