Geography and Environmental Studies Department

GIS Software and Support

Butte 501 GIS Lab Access Instructions and Schedule

The Butte 501 "Geo Hub" lab schedule (PDF) for Spring 2024 shows both class-occupied and open access hours. 

Access to the lab after hours is conducted through a card reader. Your student or faculty ID must be registered to the classroom. Students should work with their instructor to be cleared for access. Faculty can work with the GEOP department ASC Jennifer Harris @ in new window).

Make appointment for GIS support

Students in GEOG 211, 411, 413, and 418 are highly encouraged to visit office hours with their professor for support. 

For other general GIS support or consulting on research projects, please contact Dr. Dean Fairbanks @ Dr. Fairbanks' Spring 2024 office hours: Tuesdays, 1:00-3:00 p.m., or Zoom by appt.

ArcGIS Installation Instructions

ArcGIS Pro 3.11 is available for academic use by staff, faculty, and students of CSU, Chico. ArcGIS Pro products exist only on the Windows OS platform.

Users must have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 6.0. It can be found here(opens in new window).

            Download the installer for .NET 6.0

            Step 1: Run Installer

            Step 2: You can verify installation. When the installer completes, open a new command prompt and type dotnet at the C:\ prompt. This will verify .NET is correctly installed and ready for use.

For Faculty and Staff

For staff and faculty users on a state provided computer, please install ArcGIS Pro from the Software Center.

  1. On Windows
    1. Click the Windows Start button
    2. Scroll to Microsoft System Center and click
    3. Select Software Center
    4. Install ArcGIS Pro 3.11

For Students

(NEW -->) In order to download the software to your personal computer you must have loaded and working the CSU Chico VPN. It is called Global Protect.  Once you have it installed and working then it will make your computer IP address look as if it is coming from the CSU Chico IP. You can then follow through with the instructions below.

(NEW -->) Global Protect and instructions are found here:

Downloading and installing ArcGIS Pro 3.11:

  1. Browse to and click the “Download” under the button with the three dots.
  2. The download will gather all the files in a .zip folder
  3. Unzip the install folders to a location of your choice
  4. Double click and install each file in this order:
    1. ArcGISPro_31_184994.exe
    2. ArcGIS_Pro_311_185017.msp

Licensing the Software

    1. The licensing is authenticated through GeoChico Online which is CSU, Chico’s ArcGIS Online space.
    2. You must be a member of GeoChico Online to obtain licensing access.
      1. If you are not a member of GeoChico Online, please email Dr. Dean Fairbanks @ in new window), to request access.
    3. If you are not prompted to sign into ArcGIS Online at ArcGIS Pro startup, click on the sign-in prompt at the upper right hand of the software screen.


Please contact Dr. Dean Fairbanks @ in new window) with questions about any of the above items.