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Special Announcement

Guidance on Document Approvals

The University recognizes it may no longer be possible to secure actual signatures on documents. Therefore, until further notice, departments can accept emails from and accounts if physical signatures cannot be obtained. This process is solely for internal approvals. No emails may be sent if they contain level 1 or level 2 data(opens in new window), such as social security numbers, medical records, or bank or credit card information.

  • If a document only requires an employee’s or student’s signatures, the form can be emailed directly from the employee or student to the appropriate office.
  • If a form requires multiple signatures, it will need to be routed via email to each signatory before submitting it to the appropriate office.

Add a Class (PDF)
Request to add a class, change sections of a class, audit a class, or add a class with a time conflict

Diploma Replacement (PDF)
Order a duplicate diploma

Diplomas are ordered the first Friday of each month. Thank you for your patience.

Elect Credit/No Credit (PDF)
Request optional credit/no credit grading for a class

Enroll in More than 21 Units (PDF)
For undergraduate students to request to enroll in more than 21 units for a semester

Excess Units (PDF)
Request to post excess units

Graduation Application
Apply for your bachelor's degree

Planned Educational Leave (PDF)
For undergraduate students to request a leave of absence from Chico State

Repeat With Forgiveness (PDF)
For undergraduate students to request forgiveness for a class taken more than once

Visitor Application (PDF)
Request to attend another CSU campus for one semester