Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Ambassador Program

Initial Implementations

SRRAP will consist of hired student ambassadors from California State University, Chico who will work in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR). They will be involved not only in the conduct process but will also expand their familiarity with Student Rights by delivering outreach to students, faculty, and staff in order to:

  • Educate students about Title 5, (PDF)Student Conduct Procedures (PDF), University policies, campus community standards, and Restorative Justice.
  • Serve as a bridge between the student body and (OSSR) to expand on student concerns regarding policies and work to promote modifications and implementation plans.
  • Establish an effective framework for mentorship and guidance for students reintegrating after an infraction.
  • Student Ambassadors(SRRA)
    Responsibilities Include: 
    • Develop educational and intentional programming surrounding a range of student conduct cases, potentially involving conduct violations, hazing, and restorative justice.
    • Explain the conduct process (including what to expect at a conduct meeting), inform students of their rights while undergoing the process, and answer general questions.
    • Recommend implementation strategies for marketing materials and community outreach.
    • Table and/or present at events while being a knowledgeable ambassador of Student Rights and Responsibilities policies and procedures for the community.
    • Serve as a student resource for peers going through the reintegration process, including facilitation of support groups and/or peer mentorship. 
    • Speak at, Present, facilitate, and develop workshops, presentations, and trainings. 
    • Review policy effectiveness while identifying perspective based inconsistencies with community standards. 
    • Provide support for crisis response or general concerns of student walk-ins. 
    • Uphold a high level of confidentiality as the office handles sensitive information regarding students, faculty, and staff.
    • Utilize effective communication, planning, scheduling, and organization skills related to job responsibilities.
    • Model appropriate behavior and response to students, staff, and faculty adhering to departmental and university policies and ethical statements.
    • Maintain Student Confidentiality per FERPA guidelines. 
    • Read 1098 Executive Order, Student Conduct Procedures (PDF),and Title 5 (PDF)
  • Professional Training & Development

    Student Rights and Responsibilities Ambassadors can expect to learn more on the following topics: 

    • Restorative Justice
    • Student Conduct violations, such as Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior, Academic Integrity, Hazing, Alcohol, and Drug policy violations, and etc.
    • Student Conduct Processes, including reintegration 
    • Cascade
    • Workshops
    • CSU Learning
  • Eligibility/Qualifications

    We are looking for students who want to make a difference by helping faculty, staff, and students to understand students’ rights and responsibilities as members of the Chico State community. This is a great opportunity for those interested in the leadership role of law, criminal justice or student affairs. 

    The following qualifications must be met to be considered for this position: 

    • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Chico State.
    • Have a minimum cumulative and semester GPA requirement of 2.5 upon applying and maintaining while employed.
    • Be in good conduct standing with the University and University Housing; must maintain while employed (This may include any conduct within other positions held on campus).
    • Display strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Possess cultural competency around justice-impacted communities.
    • Be able to communicate compassionately and effectively.
    • Have customer service skills.
    • Have experience working with confidential information, including but not limited to FERPA.
    • Have experience with outreach.
    • Be flexible within a high stakes environment and manage frequent interruptions via phone calls, emails, walk-ins, etc.
    • Be proficient in Microsoft Office (i.e.,Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
    • Be proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat, InDesign, Sign) and/or Canva.
  • Majors/Focuses

    All majors and programs are welcomed. However, students in Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, Administration, Social Science, Law, Social Work, Political Science, Higher Education, Communication Studies, Education, and Advising may find particular relevance to their studies.

  • Opportunities for Student Involvement and Community Leadership
    • Develop critical and reflective thinking skills that can be applied to ethical inquiry.
    • Grow professionally, intellectually, and civically.
    • Become aware of alternative conflict and restorative justice skills in regard to student conduct.
    • Build alternative conflict and restorative justice skills in regard to student conduct. 
    • Understand, articulate, and address the dynamics of privilege and entitlement in student conduct hearings.
    • Educate the community about the Code of Conduct through community outreach programs and events.
    • Connect with various departments and community resources. 
    • Interact with other students, staff, and faculty in a leadership position. 
    • Apply these transferable skills to future endeavors. 
    • Students who are looking to get into Law, Criminal Justice, and Student Affairs would receive relivant experience in the fields of student engagement and community leadership.
  • Restorative Justice
    Restorative Justice 

    Our goals for the Restorative Justice initiative are to create a safe space for affected parties, those responsible, and community members to confront challenging situations in order to repair harm, promote healing and learning, and develop community.

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