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Forms for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is essential to our values as an academic institution. When a student has cheated on an assignment or exam, committed plagiarism, misused or abused online resources, or collaborated with a third party without authorization, an Academic Incident has occurred. 

Chico State's policy on Academic Integrity (EM 18-011(opens in new window)) goes into more detail about the definition of Academic Integrity, what counts as a violation, and what responsibilities faculty members and students have to maintain an honest learning environment. 

Once Student Rights and Responsibilities receives a report, we will review the report and, if appropriate, begin the Student Conduct Process (PDF), as outlined in EO 1098 (PDF)


California State University, Fullerton's Academic Integrity Tutorial(opens in new window) explains the basics of Academic Integrity.

Avoiding Plagiarism (PDF) is a document created by UC Davis to help explain plagiarism to students and give strategies for maintaining academic integrity. 

Collaboration (PDF) is a document created by UC Davis to define collaboration and help students understand how to navigate individual instructors' guidelines about collaborative work. 

EM 10-018 (opens in new window)is the governing document at Chico State regarding grading symbols and standards, as well as grade forgiveness and repetition of courses. 

File an Academic Incident Report

Behavioral Incident Report

Campus policies and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of our campus community. When an infraction of those policies, regulations, or rules occurs, it is considered a behavioral incident. Behavioral Incidents should be reported to Student Rights and Responsibilities to ensure that the rights of everyone on campus are protected, and no further infractions occur. 

When Student Rights and Responsibilities receives a behavioral incident report, we follow the guidelines laid out in EO 1098 (PDF) to investigate the incident. Please note that incidents involving harassment, discrimination, and/or retribution should be directed to our Title IX(opens in new window) office. If OSRR finds that a behavioral incident report contains allegations of a violation, we will proceed with the Student Conduct Process. 

File a Behavioral Incident Report

Grade Dispute

When a final grade is given by a member of the faculty that is based on an error -- whether arbitrary or capricious -- or is not in alignment with the grading criteria provided in the course syllabus, students may dispute that grade. Before filing a grade appeal, the student should make every attempt at an informal resolution by having conversations with the faculty member, the department, and the college which houses that department.

If those conversations do not lead to a resolution that the student finds satisfactory, they may file a Grade Dispute with Student Rights and Responsibilities no later than ten (10) instructional days of the beginning of the semester immediately subsequent to the semester in which the student received the grade in question (for example, if the grade was received at the end of the fall semester, then the student has until day 10 of the following spring semester to file a grade dispute). 

Grade Disputes are governed by EM 20-012(opens in new window), which is our Grade Appeal policy. This policy outlines what to expect after filing a Grade Dispute. 

File a Grade Dispute

Student Complaint

When a member of the faculty, staff, or administration has in some material way failed to meet their official obligations in a way that has negatively impacted a student, the student may decide to file a Student Complaint. EM 20-013 (opens in new window)lays out Chico State's policy surrounding student complaints. 

If the incident being complained about involves discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, then the student should visit the Title IX(opens in new window) website for further support. If the incident involves a dispute over grades, then the student should see the Grade Appeal policy above. 

Once a student complaint is filed, Student Rights and Responsibilities will begin the [link: Student Complaint Process]. 

File a Student Complaint

Forms for Organizations

Disciplinary Clearance Reports

A Disciplinary Clearance Report is a report of a student's conduct record for the time they attended Chico State. Through FERPA(opens in new window) and EM 06-034(opens in new window), Students have the right to privacy for their educational records. All campus departments follow these established guidelines to help safeguard that right to privacy. If a student wishes to have the campus release their disciplinary record, the campus must have written documentation authorizing the disclosure of this Disciplinary Clearance Report to a third party.

This report may be requested by internal (Chico State) departments with a business need, such as Student Leadership positions, for student employment, or athletics participation, or prior to travel for Study Abroad or Study Away. Chico State Departments may file a request by selecting File a Disciplinary Clearance Report (Internal).

External organizations may request a Disciplinary Clearance Report for such reasons as, but not limited to, employment, certifications, admissions, and background clearances. Outside agencies and organizations (non-Chico State) may file a request by selecting File a Disciplinary Clearance Report (External).

This Disciplinary Clearance Report must be filled out correctly and submitted before a student's disciplinary record will be released for internal or external organizations. If the request is incomplete, the request may be delayed or rejected.

If an organization already possesses a signed release of information form, it should be attached to the Disciplinary Clearance Report request.

Individuals or Organizations who are requesting access to a student's disciplinary record will need to have completed a Release of Information form before completing the Disciplinary Clearance report.

File a Disciplinary Clearance Report (Internal)
File a Disciplinary Clearance Report (External)

Community Concerns Report

When a community member who is not associated with Chico State has observed behavior from a student, faculty, or staff member that they believe to be an infraction of our student conduct policies, they can submit a Community Concern Report to make the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities aware of the incident. 

Once Student Rights and Responsibilities receives the report, they will be in touch to confirm receipt of the report and ask any follow-up questions which may arise. 

File a Community Concern
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