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Procurement & Contract Services is excited to announce that Amazon Business is approved for purchasing. This program simplifies your purchasing process and allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s wide product selection and competitive prices. The contract with Amazon Business has been competitively bid through the OMNIA Partners purchasing cooperative.

Amazon Business is a punchout supplier in Marketplace, but it is unique with special features and procedures. 

  • All Marketplace users have access to the Amazon Business punchout catalog. 
  • Non-P-Card users can shop but must have an Auxiliary Card user make the final purchase.
  • The "Assign Cart" feature used on CSUBUY does not work with Amazon Business. See below for instructions.
  • All users must be properly registered with Amazon Business. 

Amazon Business Registration

Even though Amazon Business is accessed through Marketplace, registration with Amazon is still required.  

An Amazon account is based on an email address. Looking at your work email address, “”, you should fall into one of these categories: 

  1. Existing Chico Amazon Business user 
  2. New to Amazon user 
  3. Existing user 
  4. Existing Amazon Business user (not through Chico’s AB program) 

When a user clicks on the Amazon Business punchout link for the first time, a few registration questions will pop up. Depending on how you are set up with any previous Amazon accounts using your work email address, your registration process may be different. 

  • Registration can be tricky as there are several different scenarios depending on how your existing account is set up. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. 

Important to know: 

  • Purchases through Chico’s Amazon Business are for official use only, made by employees. 
  • Keep work and personal purchases separate. 
  • Any personal purchases on previous Amazon accounts using a work email address should be separated during the registration process.  
  • Existing Chico Amazon Business (AB) users have an easy switch to access AB through CSUBUY.  They will still have access to their purchase history. 
  • First time users: As long as no previous Amazon account exists using the address, then registration is automatic upon punchout.   

Follow the instructions and use the Registration and FAQ links below for additional information and assistance.      

Assign Cart vs. Share List

In the Marketplace checkout process, a non-card user must assign the cart to a cardholder to finalize the order and make the purchase. This does not work with Amazon Business.

For Amazon, a non-card user must first Create a List then Share the List to transfer the items to a cardholder

Checkout Information

Shipping Address:  Chico State’s receiving address is pre-populated for you, provided by the Marketplace shipping address. 
Deliver To:  Any "Deliver to" or "ATTN" names must be entered in the Marketplace cart checkout.  If entered on the Amazon cart, it will be over-written by the shipping address listed in Marketplace upon final checkout.

"Submit order for approval": Click this button to return the cart from the Amazon Punchout catalog to the Marketplace system for final checkout. No additional "approval" is necessary. 

If you wish to CANCEL an Amazon order, it must be done through the Amazon punch-out, not Marketplace.

Payment Information

A user’s credit card number must be entered on the Amazon Checkout under payment method.  The payment method must also be confirmed in the Marketplace final checkout.

For Amazon orders, the same card number must be entered on the Amazon checkout as well as the Marketplace final checkout.  If the card numbers within that order don’t match, the order may get charged to the wrong credit card, or may get rejected.

Amazon Password

For shopping and checking out, no passwords are needed.  But for any other activities in Amazon, such as checking order status or working with lists, Amazon will prompt you for a password.  This is independent of your normal campus credentials.

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