Financial Services

Delegation of Fiscal Authority

An individual with Delegation of Fiscal Authority has been designated to review and approve transactions and authorize the expenditure of monies. This delegation is tied to an individual’s role and responsibilities within the organization.

Individuals with this designation are expected to:

  • Understand the nature or purpose of the expense/purchase and ensure supporting documentation is complete.
  • Verify that the expense/purchase is utilizing the correct funding source (i.e., campus chartfields)
  • Ensure that adequate funds are available to cover the expense/purchase and, if a multi-year commitment, that budget plans are fiscally sound and sustainable.
  • Ensure that the funding source is appropriate for the expense/purchase and complies with any applicable spending requirements for the student fee revenue.

The Chancellor’s Office (CO) formed the Financial Business Rules Committee (FBRC) to identify a baseline delegation of authority structure for the CSU. This committee was composed of campus and CO representatives who were charged with developing this standard for approval of financial transactions. Further information about this collaborative effort is available on the CSYou Delegation of Authority webpage.

The following structure was approved by our campus cabinet in May 2023. It will act as the basis for assignment of fiscal authority for departments and related financial systems/transactions.

Level Definitions and Titles
LevelLevel definitionRole/TitlesApproval Types/PermissionsApproval Authority Limits
1Individual with oversight of campusPresidentApproval- AllUnlimited, by deptid(s)
2Individuals with oversight of divisionsProvost, Vice President 

Approval- Hospitality

Approval-Concur Travel Request

Approval- CSUBUY (Goods/Services)

CSUBUY- Up to $50M, by deptid(s)
3Individuals with oversight of College/UnitDeans, Associate Vice President (AVP), Vice Provost, Management Personnel Plan (*MPP- Admin III)

Approval- Hospitality 

Approval- Concur Travel Request

Approval- CSUBUY (Goods/Services)

CSUBUY- Up to $100k, by deptid(s)
4Individuals with delegated authority to spend from and manage approval budgetsPersonnel Plan (MPP- Admin I & II), Department Chair, College Administrative Analyst/Specialist

Approval- ProCard reconciliation

Approval- CSUBUY (Goods/Services)

CSUBUY- Up to $20k, by deptid(s)
5Individuals who process, monitor and initiate expenditure transactions on behalf of a higher authorityAdministrative Support (ASC/ASA), non-MPP, Administrative Analyst/Specialist

Requester- CSU BUY (Goods/Services)

Approval - CSUBUY (Goods/Services)

Approval-Concur Travel Expenses (optional)

CSUBUY- Up to $500, by deptid(s)
Faculty, LecturerShopper- CSUBUYNone (zero)

Note: Employees will be assigned levels based on role and then given authority at deptid/fund level by request. If no designation occur at the chartfield level then no actual delegation of fiscal authority has occurred for related systems/processes. 

(*) To allow flexiblity for division structures that do not have AVP respresentation. 


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  • How do I request and update of Delegated Approvers for my area?
    • If your area has encountered personnel changes that warrant an add/update to your Delegated Approver’s please use the FAR – Delegation of Fiscal Authority form in OnBase to request the change.