Financial Services


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Appeal to Refund Policy (PDF)To appeal charges for classes dropped after deadlineStudent Financial Services
Budget Transfer Template(opens in new window)To request budget transfersUniversity Budget Office
Campus Trust Fund Agreement (PDF)Local trust agreement (LTA)Financial Accounting & Reporting
CASHNet Access for Employees (PDF)To request access to Cashnet for student and staff employeesStudent Financial Services
CASHNet Access for Satellite Locations (PDF)To request your department becoming a cashiering satelliteStudent Financial Services
CFS Security Authorization Form (PDF)To request access to CFS and other campus financial reportsFinancial Services
Charge Authorization Form (CAF) AUX (PDF)To request internal campus services charged to auxiliary accountsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Charge Authorization Form (CAF) STATE (PDF)To request internal campus services charged to state accountsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Credit Card Channel Request (PDF)To request authorization to accept credit card paymentsStudent Financial Services
Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization(opens in new window)To request direct deposit for AP reimbursements OnBase User Guide. (opens in new window)Accounts Payable
e-Market Site (New & Republish) (PDF)To request implementation of online store to accept payments Student Financial Services
Employee Expenditure Adjustment Template (XLS)To request payroll expense chartfield correctionsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Employee Reimbursement (non-hospitality) (PDF)To reimburse employees for non-hospitality related expensesProcurement & Contract Services
General Fund Payback-Expenditure Transfer Request (XLS)To request payroll expense transfer requests for release within CSU Fund 485Financial Accounting & Reporting
Hospitality Expense Request (PDF)To request hospitality expenditures and/or reimburse employees for hospitality related expenses.Procurement & Contract Services
Independent Contractor- How to Hire(opens in new window)Instructions on when to complete the  Adobe Sign Workflow.Procurement & Contract Services
Invoice (PDF)Use for requisition/PO packetsProcurement & Contract Services
IT Procurement Review (ITPR)(opens in new window)Complete when purchasing any electronic devices and softwareProcurement & Contract Services
Justification for Sole Source or Sole Brand (PDF)For transactions when no completion will be done, generally for transactions over $20,000Procurement & Contract Services
Moving & Relocation Expense Summary (PDF)To submit moving & relocation expenses for paymentAccounts Payable
Parent PLUS Loan Direct Deposit (PDF)To set up a direct deposit refund of a Parent Plus loanStudent Financial Services
Payee Data Record Initiation Form(opens in new window)

Instructions for completing PDR form
OnBase User Guide(opens in new window)

Accounts Payable
Petty Cash Reimbursement Form (PDF)Complete for low dollar reimbursementsAccounts Payable
ProCard - Lost Receipt Notification (PDF)Complete if a ProCard receipt is lostProcurement & Contract Services
ProCard - Request and Update(opens in new window)

To request a ProCard or update information (chartfield change, approving official change, card cancellation, etc.)
OnBase User Guide(opens in new window)

Procurement & Contract Services
Receipting Instructions for Miscellaneous Receipts/Abatements (PDF)To provide receipting instructions to cashieringFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Request for Release of Funds to Beneficiary (PDF)Request for release of funds to beneficiary for deceased studentStudent Financial Services
Reversal of Graduate MBA Fee for Elective Course (PDF)To request reversal of per unit MBA fee for courses not required for degree requirementStudent Financial Services
Signature Authorization (PDF)Authorization document for approving department expensesAccounts Payable
Sponsored Guest Parking Permits (PDF)To authorize journal transfer of State-side department funds to purchase permitsStudent Financial Services
Stop Payment Form(opens in new window)To place a stop payment on a lost/damaged refund/reimbursement check and request a new oneStudent Financial Services
Supplier Direct Pay (PDF)Specific payment types for suppliersAccounts Payable
Travel Authorization to Use Private Vehicle(opens in new window)Travel authorization to use personal vehicleAccounts Payable
Travel Credit Card Request Form(opens in new window)

To request a corporate credit card for travel
OnBase User Guide(opens in new window)

Accounts Payable
Travel Direct Payment Request (PDF)To request payments for registration or lodgingAccounts Payable
Travel Hotel Tax Waiver (PDF)Waiver for hotel taxAccounts Payable
Travel Transportation Cost Comparison (PDF)Complete for drive vs. fly cost comparisonAccounts Payable
Unauthorized Purchase Approval Request (PDF)Complete when unauthorized purchases have been madeProcurement & Contract Services