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CSUBUY Procure To Pay is the implementation of strategic, standardized procurement processes that allow for the elimination of manual steps resulting in efficiencies through automation, risk mitigation and cost savings for the California State University. 

News and Updates

SYSTEM UPDATES!!! Key updates that will impact user experience have been implemented. Here are some of the new updates you might see while using the system:
  • Instructions have been included in the forms to guide user to upload all attachments, including quotes and support documentations, in the Attachment tab of the Requisition.
  • Removed Attachments from the forms.
  • Minor Changes to form instructions and questions.
  • Close PO Form has been modified to be strictly used for requesting a PO close only.
  • Campus Customers are now able to search and check supplier registration status. 
  • DEADLINE FOR REQ ENTRY - Year End 2023-2024. 6/13/24 is the last day to enter FY23/24 requisitions into CSUBUY and the last day to request FY23/24 (or before) order changes/closures!!!
  • Enter all requisitions for current year activity into CSUBUY by 4:30pm on 6/13/24Any requisition for current year activity entered after this date may be encumbered in the new fiscal year.  If your request requires an ITPR, please enter the ITPR immediately to allow for the approval process to complete prior to requisition entry.  Wondering if you need an ITPR?  Please visit  for information and to begin the process. 
  •  For renewal requisitons (For FY 24/25 activity), please use the attached instructions (PDF) to submit your renewals.
  • New-year punchout orders (using FY24/25 funds) should not be entered until July 2, 2024 or after. 

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