Academic Senate

Campus Sustainability Committee

Committee Membership 2023-2024
VPAA (or designee)(23)
VPBF (or designee)
Voting Ex-officio Members:
Assc. VP Facilities and Capital Projects (or designee)
Exec. Director of Assc. Students (or designee)
Housing Facilities Director (or designee)Denise Crosswhite
Campus Sustainability Manager (or designee)
A.S. Sustainability Coordinator (or designee)Nani Teves
A.S. Sustainability Affairs Commissioner (or designee)Nick Blackwell
A.S. Recycling Coordinator (or designee)Sandrine Matiasek
GE Sustainability Pathway and Climate Change Coord.
Rawlins Endowed ProfessorCindy Daley
Appointed Faculty, Student and Staff Members (voting members):Term
President's AppointmentEli Goodsell(22)
Rep. appointed by VPAA Adrienne McGraw2022-24
Rep. appointed by VPUA (21)
Rep. appointed by VPSA (21)
Rep. appointed by VPBF
Staff Council AppointmentNatalie Carter(23)
Information Technology Staff AppointmentScott Kodai(22)
Student appointed by A.S. Sustainablility Coord.
Student appointed by Campus Sustainability Manager
Academic Senate AppointmentMarie Patterson2023-25

Senate Appointments:
  One faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Term: Two years, optional renewal

Duties : See EM 19-033