Ashley Oakley

Graduation Year: 2009 


I work for the great state of Oregon as their Continuous Quality Improvement Analyst in the office of Child Welfare. I work remote from home 100%. In my free time I am an aerial acrobatics performer and get paid to do what I love at awesome parties and festivals all over the world.

Cindy Ward 

Graduation Year: 2020

After graduating from CSU, Chico, I went on to California State University, East Bay (CSUEB). I was awarded my MS eLearning degree in 2022. For my Capstone project, I was a TA for a couple of the courses in our program. Today, I am a student at Northcentral University, working on my EdD degree.

Cory Sbarbaro

Graduation Year: 2020


I moved to Seattle in 2000 to complete my MPA degree, and have lived here ever since. I am currently the COO/Executive Vice President at a regional nonprofit foundation—overseeing finance, operations, human resources, communications, legal, real estate, and technology. Prior to my current role, I spent 16 years as a leadership and organizational change consultant for nonprofit organizations and coalitions in the Pacific Northwest. I served as interim CEO for nine organizations, provided counsel to more than 100 boards of directors, and guided dozens of organizations through complex organizational transitions.

Curtis Pahlka

Graduation Year: 2005

I serve as the Title IX Coordinator at Butte College. This year, in addition to ensuring gender equality for students and staff, I had the opportunity to follow my favorite band on tour, enjoying seven Pearl Jam concerts in four states.

Eboni Harp 

Graduation Year: 2019

I currently work as a Risk Assessment Specialist with North Los Angeles County Regional Center. My duties include identifying trends and developing strategies to protect the health and safety of consumers with developmental disabilities.

Heather Giambrone Jackson

Graduation Year: 2018

I am a Social Worker II at the County of Santa Clara. I just got married over a year and a half ago to my college sweetheart. I struggled finding a financially stable job from 2018-2021.

Josiah Damaris Greer

Graduation Year: 2013 


I currently work as the Assistant Director, African American Recruitment at UC, Davis. I also am a Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. I have utilized the knowledge I obtained as a sociology major to better my community in a plethora of ways. Those listed above are just a few.

Katelyn Jacobsen

Graduation Year: 2010

I am married and have two amazing daughters, a 2 1/2 year old and 2 month old. I have been with the Probation Department since 2011. I started as a Juvenile Institution Officer in our rehabilitation facility, but have been a Deputy Probation Officer since 2015.

Laura Nelson

Graduation Year: 2008

After completing my Master's Degree, I have been working as a Clinical Social Worker, Therapist and Life Coach. Since the Camp Fire disaster in 2018, I have been specializing in Fire Trauma Stewardship in private practice at my local small business, Cedar Creek: A Place For Healing located in Chico and Paradise.

Madeline Roche

Graduation Year: 2018

I currently work as a Senior Academic Advisor for the Department of Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State University. Between graduation and now, I've worked at 3 different higher education institutions, earned my Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Policy, and lived in 3 different states!

Mariana Alvarez

Graduation Year: 2005

I am a Transaction Coordinator for a real estate company. I read and process all the legal documents when buying/selling homes, and am the project manager for our location. I am a cancer survivor (Stage 3 breast cancer) and in remission for almost 3 years!

Mary Pieratt

Graduation Year: 1970

When I left Chico, I worked in the music business in Los Angeles; for Warners, Etta James and others. I worked at the Chancellors Office for the CSU, then moved to San Francisco State University where, as a Program Director for Extended Learning, I developed a professional Music Business and Recording academic program as well as International Travel and Study Programs. Other professional programs followed, but these first two were my largest and most successful. I have been able to travel the world.

Mia Kirby

Graduation Year: 2022


I have been working as a Temporary Field Organizer position with the Human Rights Campaign.

Norma Alvarado

Graduation Year: 2019

Since graduating, I have been promoted from a budget analyst to Director of External Fiscal Services at the Lake County Office of Education, where I have worked since 2014. I was an online transfer student who resumed my education at age 40. (It really is never too late!) My oldest daughter and I both graduated in 2019 from CSU Chico! My job is pretty demanding but very rewarding. I love to travel and have finally been able to get away a few times this last year since the peak of the pandemic - Mexico, Hawaii and a few in-state road trips.

Paige Connell

Graduation Year: 2018

I work for my county's behavioral health agency (job title: Case Management Specialist Senior), and my department is supporting me in getting my Master's in Social Work, with the end goal of becoming a therapist. My sociological background has been a huge benefit in this job, and my clients appreciate that I understand the social landscape and have a broad knowledge of systemic oppression because often mental health treatments can get bogged down in a focus on the individual and their problems, when often society and our systems are a contributing factor to people's suffering.

Rachel Kinney

Graduation Year: 2006

My personal page 

I am currently the Senior Global Manager of Talent Acquisition at WarnerBros Discovery. I lead a team of about 30 people mostly in the USA, Canada, and EMEA (in London and Amsterdam) who hire the technical talent for WBD.

Rae Seifert

Graduation Year: 2013

After completing my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Chico State, I took a few years to find my way. I ended up getting my graduate and doctoral degrees in Psychology and becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The work is so fulfilling! I recently moved back to Chico and have a very sweet life working from home for a non-profit seeing clients via Telehealth. I am just now starting a private practice which will be both personally and financially rewarding. I’m quite excited for this next step!

Sarah Gentle

Graduation Year: 2019

Since graduating I worked at my local CASA agency as a data entry/case manager behind the scenes. I recently moved into my current role where I work with a local nonprofit supporting current and former foster youth with education and employment success. I am a post secondary coach and I am excited to be working in the very program that supported me through college.

Sean Johnson

Graduation Year: 2014

I recently just completed a doctorate program in Behavioral Health after obtaining a master's degree in Social Work. I currently work as a psychotherapist at both a group practice and at my own private practice. I got married a few years back and my wife is finishing her final year of law school in Vermont, where we relocated to two years ago.

Tom Watson

Graduation Year: 1992

Before I earned my sociology degree, I spent three years in the army. After graduating, I got a job in law enforcement administration and support. While taxing and sometimes frustrating, this industry has a very generous retirement program. I have just retired at the age of 55.

Trelasa Baratta

Graduation Year: 2011

My personal page 

Since departing Chico State in 2011, I've taught English in Spain and continued feeding my love for travel all over the world, worked as a childcare teacher with middle school students, and birthed my beautiful son, Zephyr, in 2020. Today, I'm finishing up my Masters of Education at Sonoma State University and working as the Curriculum Developer for Redbud Resource Group, a Native women-led non-profit working to improve public health outcomes for Native communities.

Charlie White

Graduation Year: 2018

I am an Administrative Analyst at Nevada County Behavioral Health. I mostly write grant applications and budgets, manage grant programs, and evaluate grant programs including data collection and both state and federal reporting.

Chris Taggart

Graduation Year: 2012

My personal page

Since graduating I have been working in recruitment and business development for healthcare organizations.

Annie Madden

Graduation Year: 1999

My current job title is Adoption Social Worker. I'm a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) working in foster care and adoption currently, but have also worked in community based mental health treatment and recovery and corrections in the last twenty years. I'm married and have two children and live outside Boston, MA.

Elisabeth DeBartolo

Graduation Year: 1980

After graduating from Chico, I attended Golden Gate University and earned an M.S. in Human Resources. I worked 20 years in executive-level human resources, mostly in hospitality. I then attended law school at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. I now have my own law practice in Monterey, California.

Michael Messner

Graduation Year: 1976

After completing my B.A. and M.A. at Chico State in 1974 and 1976, I received my Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley. I am Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. My research on men and masculinity, violence prevention, gender and sport, and veterans' peace movements has resulted in nineteen books. I have received USC's highest awards for teaching and mentoring.

Robert Lohman

Graduation Year: 1975

I have been in sales in the consumer product industry since leaving the retail grocery business.

Kathy Connelly

Graduation Year: 1969

45 years, part time instructor Sierra College, 33 years head Counselor at Placer High School, Auburn, Ca. Although inactive, I have an MFT license. Sociology and psychology compliment each other.