Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Liahna Gordon
Liahana Gordon

Department Chair 

EXT: 3196 

Ph.D, Sociology

Indiana University

Academic Interests: Sexuality, Gender, Research Methods

Hobbies: Travel, photography, mosaic crochet, and looking for treasures on the beach

Michell Armeanu

Lecturer and  Major Advisor


M.A, Social Sciences and Career and Life Planning

Chico State

Academic Interests: I am passionate about helping students to succeed in their academic career; trust in their abilities; and manage the balance between life, work, and academic priorities.

Nandi Crosby
Nandi Crosby


EXT: 6200

Ph.D, Sociology

Georgia State University

Academic Interests:  Gender, Race, Prison Industrial Complex, Pop Culture

Hobbies:  Activism, making things colorful, plants, and thrift shopping

Danielle Hidalgo
Daniel Hidalgo

Associate Professor (on sabbatical)

EXT: 6397

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Santa Barbara

Academic Interests:  Sexuality, Dance Music Culture, Globalization

Hobbies:  Dancing, cycling, and spending time with my nieces and kitties

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Martin Jacinto
Martin Jacinto

Assistant Professor

EXT: 4145

Ph.D., Sociology

UC Irvine

Academic interest: Global political economy, inequality and stratification, social network analysis, quantitative research methods

Hobbies: Reading, photography, cooking, watching movies, and spending outdoor time with my partner and our dog.

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Nik Janos
Nick Janos

Associate Professor 

EXT: 5691

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Santa Cruz

Academic Interests: Urbanization, Environment, Climate Change 

Hobbies: Soccer, reading, and cooking

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Alexandra Kokkinakis


EXT: 5542

M.A, Social Science

Chico State

Marianne Paiva

Lecturer and Chair of CSUC Faculty Senate 

EXT: 6657

Ph.D, Sociology

Kansas State University

Evelyn Pruneda

Assistant Professor

EXT: 6413 in new window)

Ph.D., Sociology 

UC Riverside

Academic Interests: Gender, Race, Labor, Climate Change, Qualitative Research Methods

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, Lakers basketball, and streaming tv shows

Anne-Marie Snider

Assistant Professor 

Ph.D, Medical Sociology

University of Queensland, Australia

Academic Interests: Alternative understandings of recovery from mental health challenges, Spirituality and mental health experiences, Sermons and church openings during COVID-19

Hobbies: Singing songs about elephant seals, watercolors, and drawings of fish and lines

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Chunyan Echo Song

Professor and Major Advisor 

EXT: 4980

Ph.D, Sociology

Arizona State University

Academic Interests: Demography, Race Ethnicity, Sociology of Food

Hobbies: Hiking, photography, and reading

Dana Williams


EXT: 5076

Ph.D, Sociology

University of Akron

Academic Interests: Social Movements, Political Sociology, Social Inequality, Anarchist Studies

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Lauren Wilson


EXT: 5545

M.A, Social Science and Women's Studies

Chico State

Part-Time Faculty

Dawn Frank

Lecturer and Director of Student Learning Center

EXT: 6839

M.A, Social Science

Chico State

Charlotte Glennie


A.B.D, Sociology

UC Davis

Academic Interests: Environmental Sociology, Food Systems, Social Movements

Hobbies: Karaoke and gardening

Jaymes Lackey


EXT: 4646 


Seattle Pacific University

Academic Interests: Sociology, Philosophy, Theology

Hobbies: Cooking, wood & soap carvings. I play lots of instruments mediocrely from guitar, drums, bass, banjo, trumpet, and keys.

Tonya Lindsey


EXT: 6384

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Santa Barbara

Academic Interests: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Public Sociology

Hobbies: DIY, Netflix of course, critters, and swimming

Dilia Loe


EXT: 5543

M.A, Theological Studies

Emory University

Academic Interests: Social Policy, Community Capacity Building, Organizational Development; Applied Sociology, Grantwriting 

Hobbies: Travel, hiking, cycling, baking, cooking, gardening, watching movies, and sharing time and space with my spouse and our dog. 

Norman Skonovd


EXT: 4646

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Davis

Academic Interests: Criminology, Juvenile Justice, Sociology of Religion

Hobbies: Hiking, travel, and genealogy

Suzanne R. Slusser


EXT: 5543

Ph.D, Sociology

University of Akron

Heather Werner


M.A, Social Work

Chico State

Academic Interests: Work/Family Balance, Perinatal/Postnatal Mental Health, Child Welfare Adoption/Post-Adoption

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, gardening, and being in nature


Valantina Y. Rashoo

Sociology Major Advisor

EXT: 6265

B.A, Sociology

Chico State

Hobbies: Playing tennis, going to the gym, and watching Netflix

Sjon Woodlyn


(916) 407-6183

B.A., Behavioral Sciences

Chico State

Hobbies: Reading, anything technology, and enjoying the company of family and friends

Emeritus Faculty

Roy Brazzale (7/17/2010)
David Bassett, MSW, PhD

Clark A Davis 
Doctor of Philosophy, Utah St Univ

Carol F Edelman
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Arizona

James A Erickson 

James O Haehn

Alan Jensen 

Mark Joralemon (6/01/2003)

Kathleen E Kaiser 
Doctor of Philosophy, Duke Univ

Gayle H Kimball 

Janja A Lalich
Doctor of Philosophy, Fielding Institute

Jerry Maneker (5/08/2019)
Docotor of Sociology, New York University

William Martin (8/01/2001)

Grace M Marvin

Scott G Mcnall
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Oregon

Homer Metcalf (8/11/2001)

Barbara Peevers (7/01/1997)

Dan J Pence
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Colorado At Boulder

Julio J Quinones

Robert Rankin (12/02/2005)

Walter Schafer (5/5/2001)

Cynthia M Siemsen
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Santa Cruz

Anthony E Waters
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Davis

Laurie A Wermuth
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Berkeley