Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Liahna Gordon
Liahana Gordon

Department Chair 

EXT: 3196 

Ph.D, Sociology

Indiana University

Academic Interests: Sexuality, Gender, Research Methods

Hobbies: Travel, photography, mosaic crochet, and looking for treasures on the beach

Michell Armeanu

Lecturer and  Major Advisor


M.A, Social Sciences and Career and Life Planning

Chico State

Academic Interests: I am passionate about helping students to succeed in their academic career; trust in their abilities; and manage the balance between life, work, and academic priorities.

Nandi Crosby
Nandi Crosby


EXT: 6200

Ph.D, Sociology

Georgia State University

Academic Interests:  Gender, Race, Prison Industrial Complex, Pop Culture

Hobbies:  Activism, making things colorful, plants, and thrift shopping

Danielle Hidalgo
Daniel Hidalgo

Associate Professor (on sabbatical)

EXT: 6397

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Santa Barbara

Academic Interests:  Sexuality, Dance Music Culture, Globalization

Hobbies:  Dancing, cycling, and spending time with my nieces and kitties

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Martin Jacinto
Martin Jacinto

Assistant Professor

EXT: 4145

Ph.D., Sociology

UC Irvine

Academic interest: Global political economy, inequality and stratification, social network analysis, quantitative research methods

Hobbies: Reading, photography, cooking, watching movies, and spending outdoor time with my partner and our dog.

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Nik Janos
Nick Janos

Associate Professor 

EXT: 5691

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Santa Cruz

Academic Interests: Urbanization, Environment, Climate Change 

Hobbies: Soccer, reading, and cooking

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Alexandra Kokkinakis


EXT: 5542

M.A, Social Science

Chico State

Marianne Paiva

Lecturer and Chair of CSUC Faculty Senate 

EXT: 6657

Ph.D, Sociology

Kansas State University

Evelyn Pruneda

Assistant Professor

EXT: 6413 in new window)

Ph.D., Sociology 

UC Riverside

Academic Interests: Gender, Race, Labor, Climate Change, Qualitative Research Methods

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, Lakers basketball, and streaming tv shows

Chunyan Echo Song

Professor and Major Advisor 

EXT: 4980

Ph.D, Sociology

Arizona State University

Academic Interests: Demography, Race Ethnicity, Sociology of Food

Hobbies: Hiking, photography, and reading

Dana Williams


EXT: 5076

Ph.D, Sociology

University of Akron

Academic Interests: Social Movements, Political Sociology, Social Inequality, Anarchist Studies

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Lauren Wilson


EXT: 5545

M.A, Social Science and Women's Studies

Chico State

Part-Time Faculty Fall 2022

Dawn Frank

Lecturer and Director of Student Learning Center

EXT: 6839

M.A, Social Science

Chico State

Charlotte Glennie


A.B.D, Sociology

UC Davis

Academic Interests: Environmental Sociology, Food Systems, Social Movements

Hobbies: Karaoke and gardening

Jaymes Lackey


EXT: 4646 


Seattle Pacific University

Academic Interests: Sociology, Philosophy, Theology

Hobbies: Cooking, wood & soap carvings. I play lots of instruments mediocrely from guitar, drums, bass, banjo, trumpet, and keys.

Tonya Lindsey


EXT: 6384

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Santa Barbara

Academic Interests: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Public Sociology

Hobbies: DIY, Netflix of course, critters, and swimming

Dilia Loe


EXT: 5543

M.A, Theological Studies

Emory University

Academic Interests: Social Policy, Community Capacity Building, Organizational Development; Applied Sociology, Grantwriting 

Hobbies: Travel, hiking, cycling, baking, cooking, gardening, watching movies, and sharing time and space with my spouse and our dog. 

Norman Skonovd


EXT: 4646

Ph.D, Sociology

UC Davis

Academic Interests: Criminology, Juvenile Justice, Sociology of Religion

Hobbies: Hiking, travel, and genealogy

Suzanne R. Slusser


EXT: 5543

Ph.D, Sociology

University of Akron

Anne Marie Snider


Ph.D, Medical Sociology

University of Queensland, Australia

Academic Interests: Alternative understandings of recovery from mental health challenges, Spirituality and mental health experiences, Sermons and church openings during COVID19

Hobbies: Singing songs about elephant seals, watercolors and drawings of fish and lines

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Heather Werner


M.A, Social Work

Chico State

Academic Interests: Work/Family Balance, Perinatal/Postnatal Mental Health, Child Welfare Adoption/Post-Adoption

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, gardening, and being in nature


Megan Rawie

Administrative Support Coordinator

EXT: 4954

Hobbies: Camping, hanging out with family and my furrkids; two dogs (Buster P. Wigglebutt and Zoe) and two cats (Beasley, 23 years old and Nubbins, 15 years old and our one and only foster fail), and listening to music. Michael Franti and Ozomatli are two of my all my time favorites!

Kathy Williams

Administrative Support Coordinator

EXT: 5031

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, I enjoy camping and hiking, I love going to my gym to weight train and to do, horror films are my favorite genre of movies followed by a good thriller!, I love 80’s rock, such as Def Leppard (have seen them multiple times in concert), Scorpions, Bon Jovi, etc. I also enjoy listening to 60’s and 70’s music and some southern rock.  I love me some Chris Stepleton, saw him in concert summer of 2022, and I enjoy reading mysteries and thrillers, nothing better than a good whodunit. 

Valantina Y. Rashoo

Sociology Major Advisor

EXT: 6265

B.A, Sociology

Chico State

Hobbies: Playing tennis, going to the gym, and watching Netflix

Sarah Weatherbee

Academic Advising Intern

She | Her | Hers

Hobbies: spending time outside, listening to music, and learning new things

Sjon Woodlyn


(916) 407-6183

B.A., Behavioral Sciences

Chico State

Hobbies: Reading, anything technology, and enjoying the company of family and friends

Mayra Saballos

Student Assistant 

Academic Interests: Calculus and Manufacturing

Hobbies: Spending time with my dog and going on hikes

Morgan Lobotzke

Student Assistant and Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) 

Academic Interests: Environmental Science, Applied Ecology

Hobbies: Reading, crocheting, and spending time with friends and family

Emeritus Faculty

Roy Brazzale (7/17/2010)
David Bassett, MSW, PhD

Clark A Davis 
Doctor of Philosophy, Utah St Univ

Carol F Edelman
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Arizona

James A Erickson 

James O Haehn

Alan Jensen 

Mark Joralemon (6/01/2003)

Kathleen E Kaiser 
Doctor of Philosophy, Duke Univ

Gayle H Kimball 

Janja A Lalich
Doctor of Philosophy, Fielding Institute

Jerry Maneker (5/08/2019)
Docotor of Sociology, New York University

William Martin (8/01/2001)

Grace M Marvin

Scott G Mcnall
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Oregon

Homer Metcalf (8/11/2001)

Barbara Peevers (7/01/1997)

Dan J Pence
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Colorado At Boulder

Julio J Quinones

Robert Rankin (12/02/2005)

Walter Schafer (5/5/2001)

Cynthia M Siemsen
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Santa Cruz

Anthony E Waters
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Davis

Laurie A Wermuth
Doctor of Philosophy, Univ Of Cal-Berkeley