Danielle Hidalgo

Associate Professor/Advisor

After spending many years in San Francisco and teaching at Montana State University, I joined the Sociology department in Fall 2015. I completed my MSc (2001) in Sociology at the London School of Economics and my PhD (2009) at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Before Hurricane Katrina, I also completed graduate work at Tulane University in New Orleans, an experience that resulted in my co-edited book about the sociological impact of the storm (see Narrating the Storm: Sociological Stories of Hurricane Katrina(opens in new window), 2011).

As an Associate Professor at CSU Chico, I teach classical and contemporary theory and courses that cover the areas of gender, sex, and sexuality. In all of my classes, I connect theoretical readings to students’ everyday lives and experiences. Echoing student evaluations across my classes, a student expressed this sentiment: “I like that we are given many real-life, relatable examples for the theories we learn about because it allows me to visualize a connection that helps me better understand the (language of) theories, in general.” As a professor, I want students to be able to both understand and use the material that we cover in my classes and meeting students where they are is part of that process.

My New Book:

My new book, Dance Music Spaces: Clubs, Clubbers, and DJs Navigating Authenticity, Branding, and Commercialism (2022), is about the production of social and cultural physical and digital spaces in dance music, spaces that share features of both rave authenticity and EDM/club culture commercialism. Utilizing a concept I call authenticity maneuvering and locating how clubs, clubbers, and DJs navigate authenticity, branding, and commercialism, I argue that the strategic use of a rave ethos both bolsters acceptance in dance music spaces and is used to make commercial practices less visible or problematic. Physically and digitally following three highly successful women DJs and their colleagues, I show how the presence of both authenticity and commercialism is both enabling and constraining, requiring the ongoing and pervasive performance of authenticity via branding. Offering detailed accounts of how clubbers move through dance music spaces, DJs engage in branding and clubs navigate this new terrain, my book presents a compelling and much-needed analysis of the complicated interplay between dancing bodies, digital practices, and spatial offerings in contemporary dance music.

I also write about sex work, particularly sex workers’ rights activism. My recent and forthcoming publications are listed below. I encourage all of my students to ask me about my research and, if they’re interested, working with me on my research or their own related research projects is always an option.


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