The Sociological Association of Chico State (SACS)

The Sociological Association of Chico State (SACS) affords students opportunities for student-to-student interaction, intellectual stimulation, and meaningful community service.  SACS also provides peer counseling opportunities, where students assist fellow students in reaching their educational goals.  This year we plan to continue our participation in the Fun Without Alcohol Fair, the 2nd Chance Contest, the University’s Needy Children’s Program and the sociology department’s end-of-the-year banquet.  We are also discussing participating in the Up ‘til Dawn campus event, helping local junior high students raise funds to go to environmental camp and running a documentary film series.  New members are always welcome! For more information please contact our faculty advisor, Dr. Nik Janos. Thank you!

Recent SACS’ Events:

A primary goal of the club is to take on a year long volunteering effort to help a politically disadvantaged group. The year culminates with SACS organizing the end of the year Sociology Banquet.  Information on the Banquet will be available soon.