University Style Guide

Photo Request Guidelines

Chico State has a University Photographer available to work directly with academic departments and administrative offices to create photographs, including professional portraits, for a variety of needs. The University Photographer provides services according to University Advancement goals and priorities. At times, student photographers may be available for small events and to assist the University Photographer.

Requests for photos to be taken

Requests are given priority based on availability of University Photographer and in agreement with University Advancement goals. These include major university events and celebrations, marketing and promotional photos, campus news, notable guests and supporters, and campus environment. Photography may be subject to staff availability for colleges and departments, academic programs, activities, events, student life, classroom environments and off-campus events.

Contact the University Photographer, Jason Halley at 530-898-6114, or send an email to set up a photo request.

Provide the following information in your request:

  • Requesting Client Contact information (name/dept/phone/email)
  • Event/Subject Name
  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • Any Immediate Deadlines or Constraints (Photo Due Date)
  • Purpose/Intention of Photo
  • Any Additional Directions

Requests for copies of existing photos

Many CSU, Chico photographs of campus, student life, and events are available through Flickr galleries. This Flickr account allows the campus to view general imagery for noncommercial use.

CSU, Chico maintains a local digital image database that can be searched. For inquiries, contact the University Photographer, 530-898-6114.

Historical photographs, which include University Archives, may be viewed in the Meriam Library Special Collections, 530-898-6342.

Photos owned by CSU, Chico cannot be used without express written permission from the University Photographer (this includes downloading/copying photos and re-posting them on social media, but excludes standard "Shares" on networks like Facebook).

Requests for use of student ID photos

Student ID photos are used only for student (Wildcat Card) ID cards unless the student gives permission to release the photo for a secondary use. When a request for the photo is made by someone other than the student, the student is contacted. If they approve releasing the photo, a digital file of the photo is made available to the requesting party.

The Wildcat Card Office must receive proof of authorization prior to releasing a photo. When a student dies, their Wildcat Card photo is maintained for six months, and then removed from the database. If a request for a deceased student's photo is made within the six-month period, an attempt to contact the immediate family of the student will be made. All requests made to the Wildcat Card Office will be referred to the Office of University Communications. If the family approves the release of the photo, the digital file of the photo will be released to the requesting party. Questions about Wildcat Card photos should be directed to the Wildcat Card Office, 530-898-6119.